Everything Wrong With How The Grinch Stole Christmas – Again – With Nostalgia Critic

As previously stated, we are two very stubborn individuals. Even if some studios hate Christmas, we’re pretty determined to bring you this video in a fashion that remains online. So here we go again… for now.

Please check out Nostalgia critic at Channel Awesome:
And check out his other collaboration with us here:

If you already saw this video, our apologies. If you disliked it, we’re even more apologetic. However, the respect we have for Nostalgia Critic as one of the original YouTube movie reviewers AND for the time he took to help us with this project absolutely compels us by the laws of human decency to keep trying. You’re welcome to voice your discontent with the dislike button and/or in the comments below, as we know you’ll do regardless of our blessing.

To the rest of you, Merry Christmas and sh*t. Merch:


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