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AANA Movie starring Aditi Prabhudeva, Suneel Puranik, Chethan Gandharva, Ranvith Shivkumar, Prerana Kambam, Samarth Narasimharaju, Vikash Uthaiah, Varun Amaravathi, Karthik Nagrajan And Others. Music & Background Scored by Ritvik Muralidhar, Written and Directed by Manoj P Nadalumane, Produced by Niranjan Pansari. #Aana #AditiPrabhudeva #LatestTamilMovies

Aana is a story that resolves around five guys who lose their jobs due to covid surge around the nation and end up planning a kidnap for a reason. They plan to Kidnap Anarghya. The five successful flourish the plan and expect a smooth run from there on. Tides change directions and they end up struck as they start to experience strange happenings around them. Who is Anarghya and what is she?

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