You Are Shrinking Your Personal Penis – You Higher Know This Earlier than It is Too Overdue

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How good are you in bed? Are you able to satisfy the woman you are with? You see we make several mistakes which affect not only our overall health but also our sexual health. We don’t realize these mistakes till the time we see the real difference and that’s the time when we really start worrying or stressing over it. You see it’s better to prevent these mistakes early than to suffer their consequences later. Read on to discover some of the deadliest mistakes you are already making which will affect your sex life in many ways…….

Alcohol- Now this is the major killer. Alcohol does not only affect your fitness levels but it affects your sex life in many ways. You will lose the urge and desire to have sex is you are regular on alcohol with time. You might have a hard time getting an erection and decreased sperm count. And in some cases it can even lead to a man being impotent. Therefore learn to cut back on alcohol as much as possible.

Wrong eating patterns- Most people feel this has no affect on a person’s sex life but you do lose most of your sex drive with time you are on the wrong type of foods such as junk foods and sugary drinks. You see the healthier you are the better your sex life would be.

A tight underwear- Now this is another factor which most guys overlook. A tight underwear prevents the blood flow throughout the penis and with time you would see the change in size and in several cases it also makes the penis bend a bit. You see if you already have a bent penis than you should look into the kind of underwear you are wearing and make sure it’s loose enough to enhance proper blood flow.

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