Xbox Releases Minecraft Educational Game to Celebrate Safer Internet Day

Xbox Releases Minecraft Educational Game to Celebrate Safer Internet Day

To celebrate Safer Internet Day, Xbox revealed a new learning experience designed to help teach children about personal data and how they can make better, more informed decisions online.

In order to help educate communities about the importance of safety, privacy, and security while online, Microsoft and Minecraft Education are set to release Privacy Prodigy, a new learning experience designed to teach players aged 7-18 the importance of personal data. The game-based experience is a continuation of the CyberSafe series that Microsoft and Minecraft Education launched last year.

That game, CyberSafe: Home Sweet Hmm, aimed to help teach players the importance of the internet, and also educate them about their digital identity and how important it is to be aware of that. Similarly, this game-based experience will offer β€œa fun and immersive way to help players identify the levels of trust they can place in the people around them and explore ways to safeguard their sensitive personal information.”

According to the Xbox Wire announcement of the project, Privacy Prodigy will help develop the ability β€œto identify the different types of information they need to match and what they can share,” and also help learn strategies for protecting their data and more.

The game will be available in the Minecraft Education lesson library and can be accessed for free in the Minecraft Marketplace for those who play the Bedrock version of Minecraft.

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