Why the Winder Family Didn’t Return for Seeking Sister Wife Season 4

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Seeking Sister Wife features the beloved Winder family, and people who follow the show were shocked when the famous clan didn’t return for season 4.

Seeking Sister Wife viiewers learned that the Winder family wouldn’t be returning for season 4 of the TLC series, after appearing on seasons 2 and 3, and it’s time to share new facts about the family. The Winders (Colton, Tami, and Sophie Winder) were one of the most authentic plural marriages featured on the show, and represented polygamy in the best way. Unlike some co-stars, including the Snowdens and Merrifields, the Winders appeared to be wholesome and down-to-earth. The Winders have not returned to the hit series.


The Winders were introduced on Seeking Sister Wife season 2, as Colton and his first wife Tami welcomed a new sister wife, Sophie, into their family. What set the Winders apart from most of the show’s couples was the fact that they all grew up around plural marriages. Therefore, Seeking Sister Wife‘s Colton Winder and his spouses seem to have a better understanding of what it takes to make a relationship featuring more than two people work. While their marriage wasn’t perfect, Tami and Sophie appeared to be leaps and bounds ahead of their other “sister wife” counterparts, in terms of the way that they handled their expanding family.

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The Winder Family From Seeking Sister Wife Was Growing

By the time Seeking Sister Wife season 3 came around, Sophie was pregnant, and the Winder family had started courting a new potential sister wife, Kimberley Greene. Nonetheless, the new woman wasn’t destined to join the family. Unfortunately, the chemistry between Kimberley and Colton just wasn’t there, and they would end their courtship shortly after her visit. It was during this season that Seeking Sister Wife‘s Winder family started getting less screen time on the show. When the clan announced the end of their stint before the season 3 finale, rumors about the Winders leaving the show spread. However, Colton quickly denied those rumors.

Seeking Sister Wife’s Winder Family Moved On With Gratitude

However, shortly after confirming that their family had not quit the show, The Winders shared a statement on their Winder Family Instagram, announcing that they would not be a part of the then-upcoming Seeking Sister Wife season 4. “As some of you have seen, we won’t be back for season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife,” the family’s message read. “It makes sense to us why we weren’t picked back up, as we’ve seen the show is taking a different path.” It appears that Seeking Sister Wife producers no longer saw the Winders’ laid-back polygamist lifestyle as a good fit for the show, opting to bring in a more controversial cast.

Although they left Seeking Sister Wife behind, the Winder family seems to be thriving. The Winder Family Instagram account is still updated frequently, and Tami and Sophie’s podcast, “The Winder Wives” chronicles their experiences. Recently, Tami and Sophie have shared their journey with IVF, being open with fans about their effort to get pregnant while living with infertility. Not too long ago, the family shared the news that Sophie and Tami were both pregnant, although shortly after, it was announced that Sophie sadly miscarried. The family continues to be extremely open with fans about their lives together.

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