Why LPBW Fans Feel It’s ‘Wrong’ For Audrey’s Kids To Not Wear Helmets

Audrey Roloff From Little People, Big World with child

Little People, Big World fans are upset with Audrey Roloff again, after she posted a photo of her children skating when they weren’t wearing helmets.

Audrey Roloff, the wife of Jeremy Roloff, has upset Little People, Big World fans, after she posted a photo of her children not wearing headgear while on the ice. She has alarmed followers before, as she often seems to put her children’s safety at risk for the sake of a good photo. While it could be argued that Audrey is a very loving mother who only wants the best for her offspring, there are fans who don’t agree. They think she doesn’t have the best interests of her children at heart.


Audrey and Jeremy have not been on the show since 2018, after they chose to leave so that they could lead a more private life. Since departing from LPBW, viewers have been keeping up to date with almost every major milestone that the couple has experienced. Between welcoming three children, moving twice, and being unable to buy Roloff Farms, Jeremy and Little People, Big World‘s Audrey Roloff have been on quite the rollercoaster ride. Through it all, both have been ridiculed numerous times for their posts regarding their children.

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LPBW Fans Blast Audrey Again

After a recent Instagram Live showed Bodie skating with no helmet, Little People, Big World fans took Reddit to sound off. U/presentmortgage1110 shared a photo of Audrey’s youngest, Radley, being pulled by their daughter on an ice skating rink. The infant was slopping around in a makeshift sled, while his sister Ember laughed. Angry followers questioned Audrey and Jeremy’s decisions, saying that the helmets would probably be purchased after their kids’ first, “stitches.”

Some Followers Defended Audrey

Audrey Roloff from Little People, Big World smiling with hair over one eye

In a surprising turn, Redditors defended Jeremy and Audrey, noting that they’d never heard of an ice rink offering helmets to skaters. One fan wrote, “I’ve literally never seen anyone” ice skate with a helmet on. While the idea of extra safety measures sounds good in theory, it isn’t the norm for Audrey’s kids (or any children) to wear helmets while ice skating in the United States. Many Little People, Big World fans agreed that this was not the worst offense Audrey had committed, and felt she shouldn’t be maligned for letting her children enjoy a nice day out.

Audrey was just in the news the other day, as Little People, Big World followers attacked her for sharing that she was thinking of sending her children to a Christian school that didn’t require vaccinations. Teachers at the school don’t even need degrees. While viewers seem to love to hate Audrey, the mother of three does not help herself in most situations. Hopefully, she can learn from her errors and keep her children happy and safe, without upsetting her fan base. For now, Audrey still is unapologetically herself, and loves how she is raising her children.

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