Why Is My Blink Camera Flashing Green? Everything You Need To Know

Flashing green light on a Blink Mini camera

Blink cameras are usually great for monitoring your home. But what happens when a Blink camera gets a flashing green light? Here’s what to do.

Blink generally makes great home security cameras, but if a Blink camera starts flashing a green light and isn’t working, it can quickly become a nuisance. Leading much of the smart home charge is Amazon. Despite its dominance in the smart home space, that’s not to say Amazon smart home gadgets are perfect. In fact, no smart home device is perfect! Digital assistants get questions wrong, smart lights stop responding, Wi-Fi issues come out of nowhere — the list goes on. This is also true of Blink cameras.


One of the most common Blink camera issues happens when a green light on the camera starts flashing for no reason. The camera can be working like normal, and then out of nowhere, its built-in LED starts flashing green. If a Blink camera has a solid green light, that means the camera is connected to its local and internet networks without any problem. If that green light starts flashing, however, it means there’s an issue with the camera’s internet connection.

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What You Can Do To Fix A Flashing Green Light

Blink Mini camera sitting on a table

There are a few different reasons why a Blink camera would lose its internet connection and flash green. The most likely reason is that there’s a problem with your home Wi-Fi network. Check your router to verify that other connected devices are working, and make sure there isn’t a local outage in your area. If everything’s working there, it could be that the Blink camera is too far away and has a weak signal. Since this issue mainly applies to the Blink Mini wired camera, double-check that it’s close enough to your home Wi-Fi router (ideally within 150 feet of it).

If the Blink camera is within an ideal range to the router, but the light is still flashing green, another possibility is that there’s an outage with Blink’s servers. Blink cameras are constantly communicating with Blink’s network, and if there’s an issue on that end, the cameras won’t work as intended. To see if there’s a Blink outage, the fastest and easiest way is to visit the DownDetector website. Blink should appear on the homepage if enough users have reported issues, or you can manually search ‘Blink’ in the search bar and check that way. If it appears that there’s an ongoing outage, you’ll simply need to wait for Blink to fix things on its end.

But what should you do if there isn’t a Blink outage? In this case, users may need to reset their Blink camera and re-add it to their Wi-Fi network. For the Blink Mini camera (which most commonly has this issue), press and hold the reset button on the bottom of the camera for 10-15 seconds (or until you see a solid green + flashing blue light). Once those lights appear, open the Blink app and set up the camera as you did before. If the flashing green light issue persists after all of this, it’s likely that there’s a hardware issue that can only be solved by contacting Blink’s customer support.

A row of Blink Mini cameras with a red LED light

Blink uses LED indicators to provide a status update of what’s going on with its cameras, and just like the static or flashing green light, users might also occasionally see a red light on their camera. On the Blink Mini, a red light means the camera isn’t connected to the internet. The first thing to do is unplug and re-plug the camera. If the Mini was connected to the Wi-Fi network earlier, the red LED light should now change to blue, and the green light will start flashing while the camera attempts to reconnect to the network. Once it’s connected, there should be no LED indicators on the front of the camera, unless the blue recording indicator has been activated.

If attempting to reconnect the Blink Mini to the internet doesn’t fix the red light, the next step is to reset the camera. To do this, press the reset button underneath the camera using a thin, sharp object. A thumbtack, pin, or even SIM ejector tool that comes in the box of a smartphone will do. Once done, the camera will attempt to reconnect to the internet and the red LED light should disappear. The red LED also appears on outdoor Blink cameras when there’s no Wi-Fi network. Users might need to remove and reinsert the batteries, reset the camera Wi-Fi, or delete the Blink camera and add it to their system again to fix the issue.

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