Why Hagrid’s Wand Still Worked After It Was Broken In Harry Potter


Hagrid’s wand worked better than others that were broken in Harry Potter, and a certain powerful object might have something to do with it.

When Rubeus Hagrid was expelled, his wand was snapped, but it still worked reasonably well for the wizard in Harry Potter. He confessed to Harry when they first met that the pieces had been put into the umbrella he carries, and he demonstrated an ability to effectively start fires and give Dudley a pig’s tail with the disguised pieces. But, as the Harry Potter series continued, it became clear that other broken wands performed nowhere near that standard. Even skilled wizards seemed to have catastrophic results with a broken wand.


In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Ron broke his wand, and for the school year, every spell he tried to cast failed dismally or backfired, no matter the steps he took to fix it. Of course, Ron cast almost no spells in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, so this performance could be blamed on inexperience. Later, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Harry learned directly from Garrick Ollivander that his own snapped wand couldn’t be mended. Once a wand was broken, it was broken forever, and using the pieces could be downright dangerous. Yet, Hagrid didn’t seem to have this problem.

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Harry Potter Hints That Dumbledore Fixed Hagrid’s Wand

Hagrid holding pink umbrella in Harry Potter.

The only way that Hagrid’s wand could have worked as well as it did in Harry Potter is if it had been repaired, and this shouldn’t have been possible. However, Harry discovered one magical secret that can mend a broken wand: the Elder Wand. Of course, Dumbledore was the owner of the Elder Wand, and he had taken care of Hagrid after the boy had been expelled. Dumbledore knew that Hagrid was innocent, so he gave him a home as the school groundskeeper. It would make sense that since he had the ability, he would have fixed Hagrid’s wand.

Of course, Dumbledore’s Elder Wand was one of his better-kept secrets, and fixing Hagrid’s wand would have been against the law. So, he disguised the newly repaired wand as a pink umbrella. Hagrid, being young and hardly educated in magic at the time, wouldn’t have recognized that the magic Dumbledore used to repair his wand should have been too advanced even for the Harry Potter headmaster. So, it’s unlikely that Hagrid ever knew just what his idol had done for him. Dumbledore may have seemed like a villain in some ways, but this care for Hagrid could redeem him.

Was Hagrid Allowed To Openly Use His Wand?

Hagrid teaching a class in Harry Potter.

Even after it was revealed that Hagrid had been framed for the crimes that got him expelled in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, he still only used magic under the guise of the umbrella. Though the Ministry of Magic knew that Hagrid was innocent, Dumbledore couldn’t reveal that he could mend wands. That was precisely the sort of thing that could tip someone off about the location of the coveted Elder Wand. Therefore, Hagrid continued to perform magic in secret because it was safer for all involved.

After the Battle of Hogwarts, when Kingsly Shacklebolt became Minister for Magic, things could likely have changed for Hagrid. It wouldn’t have taken Harry long to realize that the Elder Wand had been used to repair Hagrid’s wand, and it might have even been this fact that inspired him to use it on his own holly wand. With all Harry’s love for Hagrid, he would have pulled some strings to make sure his old friend could use his wand undisguised. Of course, with the respect and admiration Hagrid felt for Dumbledore in Harry Potter, he might have preferred to keep the battered pink umbrella since it was exactly the eccentric headmaster’s style.

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