Why Cole Said Zanab Lied About Him on After The Altar

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Love Is Blind season 3’s After The Altar episodes finally exposed why Cole Barnett believes Zanab Jaffrey lied to him during and after the show.

Love Is Blind season 3’s After The Altar episodes finally exposed why Cole Barnett believes Zanab Jaffrey lied to him during and after the show. Throughout Love Is Blind season 3, Cole and Zanab’s relationship went through major ups and downs, ultimately ending on a sour note when Zanab said “I don’t” at the altar. While Cole was prepared to marry his then-fiance, Zanab had other plans. The bride tore into her partner, explaining that he had belittled her and consistently made her feel insecure about herself.

Specifically, Zanab pointed to an example of Cole questioning her eating clementine oranges before they were meant to have a meal. Fans were of two minds about the incident, either certain that Zanab was taking Cole too literally or believing that Cole was emotionally manipulating Zanab about her weight. While the former couple have both spoken about their Love Is Blind experience separately, the new episodes gave viewers the chance to catch up with Cole and Zanab, who finally talked through some of the details of their failed relationship.

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What Did Cole Say About Zanab’s Claims On Love Is Blind After The Altar?

During the newly released Love Is Blind episodes, Cole and Zanab finally sat down together to talk after nearly a year without contact. The pair were both openly skeptical about seeing one another, but did their best to be cordial and civil in front of the larger group before speaking in private to clear the air. Although Cole apologized to Zanab for his actions during the Love Is Blind season 3 reunion, he revealed to friends earlier in the After The Altar special that he felt Zanab lied to him by cutting off contact after saying no to him at their wedding.

Did Zanab Apologize To Cole For Her Actions?

According to Cole, the two had agreed that even if they said “no” at the altar, they would try to continue to work on their relationship after the show. When Cole brought this up to Zanab, she seemed surprised at the accusation. It was clear that she either did not recall this agreement or that to her, it wasn’t an agreement at all. She asked Cole why he believed she would do something like that when she’d already rejected him, but later expressed remorse for how hurt he clearly felt. The two were able to have a civil conversation, but ultimately parted ways knowing their relationship is still long over.

Cole and Zanab’s relationship was tumultuous for both parties, which can be common for reality TV couples. Though the Love Is Blind process didn’t work out for Zanab and Cole, it’s clear the exes still care about one another, even if it’s only from their very specific shared experience. Both seem to be living happy, fulfilled lives without each other, and ultimately, that is what is most important.

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