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Therapy is an extremely personal experience. Grief is also an extremely personal thing. Combine both of those, and you’re dealing with one of the most private situations a person can have. When You Least Expect It is a show that gives you rare insight into what is usually an un-talked about process, grief therapy. If you’re interested in going on a journey of learning more about dealing with grief through the stories that “When You Least Expect” It presents, you can watch the show on Paramount +.


A Plot You Wouldn’t Expect


“When You Least Expect It,” (original title: “Dias Mejores) is a Spanish-language drama series that follows the stories and healing process of five widows as they embark on group therapy. To enter this group, the therapist conducts an interview consisting of just a few questions. “Any children?” she asks. Then, “did your partner die?” and “are you okay?” If you’ve answered yes, yes, and no, you’re welcomed into the club that no one wanted or expected to be a part of.

Each character is wildly unique, only relating to the others due to their unfortunate set of circumstances. Pardo Dias (Erick Elías) is a Mexican rock musician who is constantly on the road with his band. He does not know his teenage kids very well, but when his ex, the mother of his children, dies in a car accident, he finds himself now raising them.

Watch When You Least Expect It On Paramount+.

Sara (Marta Hazas) is a doctor and a mother whose life was turned upside down one tragic day. Sara’s husband is playing in a soccer game, as Sara watches with their son. Suddenly, her husband collapses and dies, leaving Sara to raise her 8-year-old, death-obsessed son on her own.

Graci (Alba Planas) is a college student who is not yet a mother, but plans to be. Before dying from cancer, her boyfriend froze his sperm. Graci promised him she would be inseminated with it and the idea of not being alone anymore appeals to her.

Luis (Francesc Orella) is an insurance executive who feels that he has it all under control after losing his wife. He misses her dearly but feels grateful that he has his three beautiful daughters to keep him going. He finds out that despite trying to put on his best act, his grief is real and needs to be worked through.

They are all brought together in the office Dr. Laforet (Blanca Portillo), as she guides them through their grief in unconventional ways and encourages them that things will get better when they least expect it.

Hype For A Second Season


At this time, there has been no confirmation or denial about whether there will be a second season of “When You Least Expect It.” The first season was released on April 22, 2022, with ten episodes and right now, it is unclear whether viewers will get to continue to be on the characters’ journey of healing.

If you’ve already watched “When You Least Expect Itand are looking for similar shows, fans have noted that “A Million Little Thingsand “This Is Ushave the same feel. These shows also tackle relationships and emotional journeys, while also allowing viewers to follow the stories of multiple characters.

Where to Watch When You Least Expect It


If you’re ready to go on an emotional journey with these characters, as you learn about life, death, love, and grief, there are ten episodes of season 1 that are available for streaming right now. You can find and enjoy them (perhaps with a box of tissues) on Paramount +.

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