Where to Watch Teen Wolf: The Movie

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Fans of the cult-classic Teen Wolf can enjoy the long-awaited reunion with familiar faces and places from the beloved 6-season MTV classic when they learn where to watch Teen Wolf: The Movie. Though based on the original 1985 movie starring Michael J. Fox, the later MTV series spawned into life during the era of Twilight, Vampire Diaries, and the huge cultural phenomenon of serving up typical teen romance and rebellion with a heaping helping of shirtless male monsters, all taming their wild sides for love—except when the claws come out.


Airing from 2011-2017, and winner of multiple awards including Teen Choice and Saturn Awards, the supernatural series has a fan following as faithful as a … well, wolf pack. Now, Teen Wolf fans can reunite at last with their own favorite pack, including the alpha and beta wolves, a werecoyote, a banshee, a kitsune, and the rest of the Beacon Hills beasts in the movie that brings it all back — in a big way.

Watch Teen Wolf: The Movie on Paramount+

A Time Jump for Our Favorite Fanged Teens

Eli Hale for Teen Wolf The Movie

Series creator, Jeff Davis, also returned to Beacon Hills as the screenwriter and executive producer of Teen Wolf: The Movie, choosing to leap the storyline 15 years into the future, where fans find former teenage Alpha werewolf, Scott McCall, now an adult working in an animal shelter in LA, while his beta, Liam, runs a restaurant with partner, Hikari, a talented kitsune. Malia has moved on to a semi-relationship with Parish and Lydia has put aside her Banshee screams to work in renewable energy in San Francisco. In perhaps the biggest change of all, Derek Hale is a single dad raising teen son, Eli, a werewolf in denial who also passes his days hot-wiring Stile’s jeep for fun instead of facing a future of fangs, fur, and full moons.

When a hooded figure appears in Liam’s restaurant demanding the Triskelion that holds Nogitsune’s soul imprisoned he manages to release the evil fox spirit during the fight. Nogitsune summons Oni, and together they cause destruction in Beacon Hills just as visions of long-dead Allison Argent begin haunting Scott and Chris.

Can Allison somehow return from her ashy grave? And if she comes back to the living world, will she reunite with her former friends to help save Scott and the gang from the Nogitsune, or will the evil spirit take advantage of Allison’s shaky memory of her former life to turn her against her friends and family? Find out when you learn how to watch Teen Wolf: The Movie and return to a world where the gang has grown up but some things never change.

Where to Watch Teen Wolf: The Movie

Tyler Posey as Scott McCall in Teen Wolf The Movie

Teen Wolf: The Movie is set in 2030 and there’s a new teenage wolf in Beacon Hills. The band of beasts we loved in the MTV series reunites to protect their friends, even when one enemy comes from within their mythical circle. The movie brings back many of our favorites with the original actors reprising their roles, including Tyler Posey as Scott, Dylan Sprayberry as Liam, Tyler Hoechiln as Derek, Holland Rhodan as Lydia, Shelley Hennig as Malia, Crystal Reed as Allison, and many other orignals.

Despite the 15-year time warp into the future, the film has a seamless quality due to the familiarity of the cast, the original screenwriter, and director Russel Mulcahy’s return behind the scenes.

You can watch Teen Wolf: The Movie right now by streaming your own trip back to Beacon Hills on Paramount+ where the wolves howl, fangs gleam, eyes glow, and a new teen wolf must learn to accept his destiny even if it means his father has to sacrifice everything.

Watch Teen Wolf: The Movie on Paramount+

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