Where To Get Lacewing Flies (Potion Ingredient)

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Lacewing Flies are an important resource for crafting a Focus Potion in Hogwarts Legacy, which reduces the player’s spell cooldowns during fights.

Hogwarts Legacy allows players to craft a large variety of potions through the Potion Station in the Room of Requirement, including a Focus Potion if they have the right ingredients, such as Lacewing Flies. A Focus Potion reduces the cooldown timer on spells when players engage in battle, so there should be plenty of incentive to scour around the open world for the important piece needed to create this consumable item. While Lacewing Flies are abundant enough to find, players have unique chances to grab these early in the main narrative despite the lack of crafting options at that point in the story.


Making the Focus Potion using Lacewing Flies requires players to follow the quick-time event prompts that appear when using the Potion Station. This mini-game doesn’t appear until after players have managed to attend their first Potions class and unlocked the Room of Requirement to use the Station itself. While some potion recipes are gained through story progression or certain events in the game, many are sold in Hogsmeade for reasonable prices. Fighting the dark wizards of Hogwarts Legacy could become much easier for players who dip into clever potion use throughout their adventure.

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Lacewing Flies Location in Hogwarts Legacy

Lacewing Flies Location on Map in Hogwarts Legacy

The second main story quest of the game, “Welcome to Hogsmeade,” sees players follow their previously chosen companion, Natty or Sebastian, to the town of Hogsmeade, where Lacewing Flies can be found along the way. Simply pressing the left-facing input on a controller when a white diamond appears over the nearby bushes along the route adds Lacewing Flies to the player’s inventory. Harvesting the other couple of bushes in this area grabs other ingredients that players may need, especially Fluxweed Stems or Dugbog Tongue for the aforementioned Focus Potion recipe.

While traveling to this iconic location in Hogwarts Legacy indeed introduces players to the concept of material collected in the open world, this concept expands the more Hogwarts opens up. Similar collection spots exist in the various courtyards and expanded sections of the castle, sometimes unlocked past doors that were originally blocked with the use of the Alohamora spell. Players that are truly thorough in their exploration are able to get Lacewing Flies often in Hogwarts Legacy, or at the very least find enough gold or currency hidden around to purchase the materials they need from merchants in Hogsmeade.

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