Wheel Of Time Set Up Another Character Stealing Mat’s Huge Book Moment

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A major change to Wheel of Time’s story means that Mat Cauthon’s biggest moment from the second book may go to a different character in season 2.

The Wheel of Time season 1 set up another character stealing a huge moment from Mat’s book story. In the sixth episode of the show’s first season, Amazon’s Wheel of Time adaptation made a surprising deviation from the source material by having Mat Cauthon part ways with the group. After Moiraine and the others accessed the Waygate, Mat shocked them all by choosing not to accompany them.

Of course, it’s only a matter of time before the characters meet again, but the distance Wheel of Time created between Mat and the rest of the group raises some questions about where the series is taking his storyline after it brings in DΓ³nal Finn to replace Barney Harris in the role at the start of season 2. Mat is an important part of the adventure Rand and Perrin embark on in the second novel, The Great Hunt, yet it looks like it’ll be a while before these characters cross paths once more.

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Why Mat’s Great Hunt Story May Not Happen

Wheel of Time Mat Episode 6

Given that Mat has been pulled out of the core group for the time being, it’s looking increasingly likely that his story from The Great Hunt may not happen in Wheel of Time season 2, or at all, for that matter. Since he’s not in Fal Dara where their mission to track down Padan Fain is expected to begin, he could miss out on this entire journey. Most importantly, he may not get to blow the Horn of Valere, which is a massive, heroic moment for Mat and a turning point in the battle. Blowing the Horn is what summons the spirits of the dead, allowing the main characters to meet legendary figures from Wheel of Time lore like Artur Hawkwing and Brigitte Silverbow.

Adding credence to the idea that The Wheel of Time has no intention of letting Mat blow the Horn of Valere is where season 1 left him. Currently, he’s in Tar Valon, which is exactly where he needs to be in order for his storyline from the third book – The Dragon Reborn – to happen. In The Dragon Reborn, Mat was taken to the White Tower in Tar Valon where he was Healed of the taint caused by his long-term proximity to the ruby-hilted dagger. From the looks of things, The Wheel of Time is gearing up to advance Mat’s story at a faster pace than the books by skipping past his Great Hunt story and Healing him in season 2, rather than saving this development for later.

If Mat Doesn’t Blow The Horn Of Valere, Who Can?

Wheel of Time Great Hunt Cover Rand Loial

The Horn of Valere is crucial to events of The Great Hunt, so it’s unlikely that the show will scrap the book’s massive finale altogether. Instead, it makes sense that it will give this moment to a different character if Mat isn’t around. It’s hard to imagine his replacement being Rand, given that the character is the Dragon Reborn and someone who already has plenty to do in the trials ahead. That makes Perrin and Loial the two most viable candidates for this role, as both were on hand during their adventure in the show’s version of these events and could potentially blow the Horn in Mat’s absence. Of the two, Loial may be the best choice, as his knowledge of history would make him an interesting fit. As for Perrin, his season 2 story may focus more on his budding Wolfbrother powers.

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