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Leo Pap was the mastermind behind the heist in Kaleidoscope and had a shocking ending in episode Pink. Here is Leo’s Kaleidoscope twist explained.

*Warning: This article contains spoilers for Kaleidoscope*Leo Pap masterminded the heist in Kaleidoscope, and his actions led him to a shocking twist at the chronological end of the show. Kaleidoscope follows a non-linear format to tell the story of a heist 24 years in the making. Leo Pap (Giancarlo Esposito) plans a heist on his old friend Roger Salas’ (Rufus Sewell) SLS Securities company and curates a complicated plan to achieve his revenge on Roger. Leo is joined by his team, starring Paz Vega as Ava, Rosaline Elbay as Judy, Peter Mark Kendall as Stan, Jai Courtney as Bob, and Jordan Mendoza as RJ.


Kaleidoscope’s episodes can be watched in any order, but following Netflix’s order means the viewer is taken back and forth from before and after the heist, with the final episode, “White,” fitting all the puzzle pieces together. “Pink” is set six months after the robbery and is the last episode in the Kaleidoscope timeline showing what happened to all Leo Pap’s crew members. It ends with Leo being shot by a mysterious figure with a colorful shirt on, representing a kaleidoscope, which is confusing as all those who wanted Leo dead do not have access to him at that point, and the major characters are all dead.

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Brad, Roger Salas’ Son, Killed Leo In Kaleidoscope: When It’s Revealed

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In a shocking twist, it is revealed that Brad (Nate Katsuki) Salas, Roger’s son killed Leo, arguably Giancarlo Esposito’s latest villain. Although Brad is not a major character in Kaleidoscope, Leo finds out Roger has a son early on through a picture of Roger’s family, but Brad is not heavily featured otherwise. If watching in Netflix’s order, Brad is only seen briefly once in Kaleidoscope, and then Leo Pap’s murder happens in “Pink,” but Brad’s identity is not shown. At this point, the audience is aware Roger wants Leo dead and is willing to pay Bob $20,000 to do so, but he is unsuccessful.

However, in the final episode, “White,” it is revealed that Brad is Leo’s killer. The audience sees the shirt of Leo’s killer quite clearly in “Pink,” and in “White,” Brad makes a big appearance, clearly wearing that same shirt. The final episode of Netflix’s second original heist series shows Roger and Brad’s bond and how Brad wanted to work for Roger instead of finishing college. Brad’s revelation is during the heist, and Roger is watching his cameras at home, protected from the hurricane. Brad’s entrance makes it clear he is Leo’s killer and proceeds to show the relationship with his father, which is a critical aspect of the murder.

Why Leo Was Killed In Kaleidoscope’s Ending

Nate Katsuki; Giancarlo Esposito; Netflix; Salas

The main plot of Kaleidoscope is the heist, but as the episodes go on, there are big revelations of treachery, especially in close relationships. The heist forms from Leo wanting revenge on Roger for leaving his wife for dead and tearing his family apart. It is a shock to Leo when he finds out Roger has his own family. Netflix’s, who ended 2022 with some great shows, Kaleidoscope reveals that Roger and Brad are very close and have a happy family together, which is only more of an insult for Leo. Brad and Roger’s relationship is not shown until Brad’s reveal, but their bond shows Brad would want revenge on Leo, mirroring Leo’s feelings for Roger.

Leo is evident that, for him, the heist was not about the money but instead doing to Roger what Roger did to him. Brad’s actions then become the third cycle of these two families hurting each other, with Brad mirroring Leo’s anger for the loss of his family. Finally, Brad becomes the piece in their game that Leo’s daughter, Hannah (Tati Gabrielle, who starred in You season 3), was supposed to be. However, Hannah has time to understand and release her anger before the heist, whereas Brad acts on his emotions with revenge creating the reason for Leo’s shocking ending in Kaleidoscope.

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