Well, Well, Well Quest Guide

Hogwarts Legacy Well Well Well Side Quest Player Standing Near Aranshire Talking Well At Night

The Well, Well, Well side quest has Hogwarts Legacy players searching for treasure, following a cryptic treasure map given to them by a talking well.

In Hogwarts Legacy’s Well, Well, Well quest, players can follow a map to hidden treasure by offering aid to a magical talking well. This is undoubtedly one of the strangest side quests players can complete in Hogwarts Legacy, and one that players are likely to have missed, as its starting location is far off the beaten path. After obtaining the treasure map, players must figure out where exactly they can find a hidden treasure based on cryptic clues and drawings that point to a specific location out in the open world.

Players may already have tracked down Hogwarts Legacy’s Cursed Tomb Treasure by deciphering clues on a similar treasure map. Finding The Well’s Treasure is a little easier, as players don’t need to prepare to fight dangerous critters or Inferi. Despite that, it can be difficult to actually find the map to start this quest, and even then, players might still have trouble matching its drawings to local landmarks. However, with a few pointers, players should be able to make the journey and claim some useful rewards.

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How To Find The Talking Well In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Talking Magic Well Near Aranshire Map Location

Well, Well, Well is available from the beginning of the game, but players will need to get one of Hogwarts Legacy’s broomsticks to complete it. Aside from the long travel distances involved, players can also only get to The Well’s Treasure by flying. The talking well can be found at the map location shown above, southeast of the town of Aranshire. Aranshire can be found east of Hogwarts across the Black Lake near the railway bridge.

Hogwarts Legacy Player Inspecting Talking Magic Well Near Aranshire For Well Well Well Side Quest

Once players arrive in the area, they can investigate and talk to the well. After some initial confusion, players will receive The Well’s Treasure Map and can begin deciphering its clues.

How To Find The Well’s Treasure

Hogwarts Legacy Well Well Well Side Quest Treasure Map Location

The treasure map points to the location on the map above, in the southeastern part of the Feldcroft region. To get there, players should head for the town of Irondale, keeping an eye out for some of the Feldcroft region’s Merlin Trials on the way there. The treasure is located in some ruins across the canyon south of Irondale, and players can reach it using a broom or a flying mount.

Hogwarts Legacy Player Looking Across Canyon At Well Well Well Side Quest Treasure Ruins

Once players land at the ruins closest to the canyon edge, they should be able to spot a lone tree in the middle of some ruins, which is also depicted in one of the clues on the map. To find the treasure, players should cast Levioso on the tree to uproot it, revealing the treasure chest entangled in its roots. They can then walk up to the tree and open the chest to claim their treasure: The Treasure-Seeker’s Bicorne Hat and some extra Galleons.

This completes the Well, Well, Well quest. Players might like to return to Irondale to collect one of the rare Field Guide pages in the Highlands, before returning to Hogwarts and continuing their Hogwarts Legacy adventures.

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