Wehem Teasers Create Anticipation With Thrilling Premise

HUM TV is known for creating quality content and selling it in an impactful manner, by giving their dramas (and films) a treatment that directly pushes all the right buttons, with audiences enthusiastically adoring these programs. Their upcoming drama serial titled Wehem seems to follow in line, having launched its teasers, and people are loving every bit of what has been revealed, while anticipating the release of the show.

Wehem Teasers

Wehem doesn’t promise a visually apparent high budget, or boast about being a grand production saga. Nonetheless, the teasers are managing to grab attention with a promising storyline.

The promos seemingly revolve around a family dealing with love, hate, and dynamics of the past that in some way haunt them in their present and will affect the future. The teasers are thrilling, intriguing, and a bit spooky as well.

The Cast Of Wehem

One of the major points that is making us anxious about the play, is definitely the ensemble cast. Wehem stars Kinza Hashmi opposite Zaviyar Naumaan Ejaz. The cast also includes powerhouse performers Savera Nadeem, Babar Ali, and Shamim Hilaly along with Adnan Samad Khan of ‘Fraud’ and ‘Ehd e Wafa’.

Verdict So Far

HUM TV has launched the teasers of upcoming drama ‘Wehem,’ and these teasers are already making us anticipate the promising show. We can’t wait to see if it lives upto the hype, diving deep into a web of mystery and intrigue. What’s your take on the teasers? Let us know.

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