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A Mile 22 sequel has been in the works for years, so what’s the current status? Here’s why the spy thriller franchise has been delayed.

A Mile 22 sequel has been in the works for multiple years, but it still hasn’t moved forward yet. Peter Berg’s 94-minute spy thriller was released in the summer of 2018 and was heavily criticized for being too messy. The director had previously collaborated with Mark Wahlberg for several hit films; however, the negative reviews for Mile 22 suggested the duo missed the mark and didn’t create enough buzz to warrant a sequel. Mile 22 follows an elite CIA squad led by James Silva (Wahlberg) escorting an asset on a 22-mile journey. Needless to say, things don’t go as planned with Silva and his team facing dangerous enemies every step of the way.


Director Pete Berg and Wahlberg had previously collaborated a number of times, most recently with the adaptation of the crime book Spenser: Confidential. Their previous relatively low-budget productions such as Lone Survivor and Patriots Day earned solid reviews and box-office results, but Mile 22 was certainly not their most successful movie together. Produced for between $35-60 million, Mile 22 barely outperformed its budget with a $66 million box office haul. So it’s possible that’s why a Mile 22 sequel is taking so long.

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A Mile 22 Sequel Was In Development Before The Movie Released

Two months before Mile 22 was released in August 2018 and before the meager box office results were known, STX Entertainment announced that Extraction writer Umair Aleem had been hired to write the Mile 22 sequel. The initial announcement came from STX Entertainment, the studio behind the Bad Moms movie franchise, and it was reported that Mile 22 was intended to launch a trilogy (via Variety). However, in the years since that news was first announced, STX Entertainment has sold off its movie library in order to cover its debts. It’s unclear how the news affects the Mile 22 sequel.

Has The Mile 22 Sequel Been Cancelled?

More than three years after the initial Mile 22 sequel announcement, it’s unclear if the film will still be made. The negative reviews of the first installment may have forced STX Entertainment to re-evaluate their plans for a Mile 22 trilogy, so 2019 may have involved pre-production tweaks as well as changes to the screenplay. With this being a shaky franchise start already, Mile 22 Part 2 seemed like it could suffer the same fate as Mark Wahlberg’s canceled sequel leading on from the ending of The Departed. However, in the years since, there has been no confirmation that the sequel is actually canceled leaving at least some lingering hope for fans of the original.

When The Mile 22 Sequel’s Release Date Could Be

Now that the movie industry appears to be moving forward and embracing a streaming distribution model alongside theatrical releases, the Mile 22 sequel could theoretically begin shooting in 2023. In a best-case scenario, the film would release during the end of 2023, but with no real movement on the movie, it feels that scenario gets increasingly unlikely as the year goes on. As of now, STX Entertainment’s plans remain unclear. For his part, Wahlberg has several films currently in the works already, including a possible Uncharted sequel, so it’s possible his hectic schedule might delay things even further on a Mile 22 sequel.

Mile 22 Sequel Story Details

If the Mile 22 sequel does happen, it will presumably pick up right after the events of the original film. The asset, Noor (Iko Uwais) is revealed to be a triple agent who was hired by the Russians to punish Silva (and Overwatch) for killing the son of a high-ranking official (as seen at the beginning of the film). So, Overwatch was doomed from the start. In the Mile 22 sequel, Silva will most likely track down Noor, along with any other enemies who may have betrayed his trust. The original movie had a high body count as well as some lingering questions about characters who might have survived. However, it is likely both Wahlberg and Uwais would be returning for the proposed sequel.

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Is The Mile 22 Sequel Still Happening?

Considering that Wahlberg’s sequel to the Oscar-winning movie The Fighter has yet to materialize, the fact the Mile 22 sequel is having a slow production is nothing new for the actor. Though the original movie struggled at the box office, it has found more fans on Netflix which could be what’s keeping the sequel talks alive. However, after some rumors in 2022 of the sequel gaining some traction (via Auralcrave), there has been no new word on when or if it is happening. It’s possible that a streaming service like Netflix could pick up the rights to the franchise and greenlight the sequel, but as of now, it doesn’t seem like Mile 22 Part 2 is close to happening.

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