'TICKED!' #DallasCowboys MOCK GAME – Notes from The Famous person – Fsh Record LIVE


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30 thoughts on “'TICKED!' #DallasCowboys MOCK GAME – Notes from The Famous person – Fsh Record LIVE

  1. I live how players on a team that lost twice to Seattle as well as to Colts and Cards is feeling themselves enough to talk trash about a higher seeded playoff opponent

  2. We gotta score, and score fast, and keep scoring…throw the ball…get the 49ers away from their running game. More possessions the better.

  3. I only listen to you the media just hates on The Dallas Cowboys and that pisses me off because the media talks out there ass

  4. I think the refs stats are given is to show that there’s nothing tangible evidence of favoritism. Not to show there’s an advantage.

  5. Come on fish, he said he couldn’t see the clock and Kellen couldn’t see the clock 😂. Maybe it happened but just that fact that it’s been a continuous topic and then to say I couldn’t find the clock. Ouch

  6. Tell Fish. All this bully and finesse talk. This is good thou cause the players hearing this to. Good luck matching disrespect energy.

  7. Fish….I gotta hand it to ya, you and I got the better end of the deal on spouses. BTW: Does Marcia, have an unexplained fascination with "Beauty and the Beast" (like mine)? LOL

  8. There is no better win … no better celebration then having the world tell you that you can’t do it – and proving that they were so wrong they are left spinning why they missed it. As Charlie Waters said, “ You gotta believe”. Then you can do a jig on your coffee table watching the gsme

  9. If you guys need to make up fake shit to hype your team up then go right ahead Niners have been told they were going to get dominated all week Niners are going to go out there and play their basketball this is all cowboy drama and Cowboys trying to be relevant it’s all good just play football if you need somebody to say something to get your ticket then you were never ready to begin with

  10. We need to get as good as patriots have been for the last decade I think the Cowboys can get there it will take time Dan quinn is a step in the right direction Mike Mccarthy is ok not sure if Kellen Moore is good enough but with time under Mccarthy he should improve

  11. The media has his head so forth the 49ers ass it's ridiculous so get ready for them to move the goal post if the cowboys win I hope Dallas beats the dog s*** out of San Francisco

  12. Sounds like he's crying because the team asked him to step up and cover Kittle! Sounds to me like he's not all in!

  13. I hope this is true, because i think they will try to neutralize our speed w E Mithcell between the tackles.

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