This Is The Best Apple Watch Ultra Band (& It’s Not From Apple)

Nomad's black and silver titanium Apple Watch bands on two Apple Watch units.

The Apple Watch Ultra is a smartwatch centered around fitness, but it can be dressed up nicely, as long as it’s paired with the right watch band.

The Apple Watch Ultra is a rugged smartwatch designed for fitness-centric users, but is it possible to dress up the large Apple Watch in casual or formal situations? The answer is yes — as long as the smartwatch is paired with the right watch band. The Apple Watch Ultra has a screen size of 49mm, the largest ever on an Apple Watch, but it still manages to maintain compatibility with older watch bands. Apple Watch Ultra supports older 42mm, 44mm, and 45mm watch bands with no modifications required.


However, the majority of Apple’s smartwatch bands were not designed with the Apple Watch Ultra’s form factor in mind and thus don’t match well with the Ultra’s casing. There are three Apple Watch bands that were specifically designed for the Apple Watch Ultra: the Trail Loop, Alpine Loop, and Ocean Band. Each of the above Apple Watch bands have hardware that matches the titanium finish, making them a great fit for the Apple Watch Ultra. But these are all bands that are tailored to specific outdoor activities — like running, hiking, and swimming — and won’t look their best with casual and formal wear.

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The simplest solution to dressing up an Apple Watch Ultra after hitting the gym is probably to pair it with a leather or metal watch band. Apple’s leather band offerings are designed with the company’s smaller and sleeker smartwatches in mind, so they seem unfit for the Apple Watch Ultra. Similarly, its metal band offerings only come in stainless steel materials, which doesn’t match the Apple Watch Ultra’s titanium body. Nomad, a third-party accessory maker known for making quality pairings for Apple devices, has the solution — a metal link bracelet made out of titanium, the same material as the Apple Watch Ultra.

Why Nomad’s Titanium Band Is Best For Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra paired with Nomad's Titanium Band.

Not only does Nomad’s Titanium Band feature the same materials as the Apple Watch Ultra, it also matches the smartwatch’s rugged and industrial design. The band has links that have pronounced, yet smooth, edges. It secures to a person’s wrist with a magnetic clasp that can be released by pressing two buttons — one on each side of the band. Though the Titanium Band was designed before the Apple Watch Ultra was announced, it locks into place on the Ultra with a nearly seamless fit.

There is a slight gap between the casing and the band, but since there are so many other cutouts in the Apple Watch Ultra for speakers and microphones, this tiny gap doesn’t feel out of place. The Titanium Band is extremely large out of the box, but Nomad includes all the tools needed to remove band links with detailed instructions on how to do so. Even for the most inexperienced users, the Titanium Band can be adjusted to the perfect size in a matter of minutes.

The one drawback to the band is the price — it retails for $299.95. However, if that price is compared to that of the Apple Watch Ultra ($799) and prices of premium traditional watches, the cost isn’t outrageous. For those who want the absolute best-looking Apple Watch Ultra band in casual or formal situations, Nomad’s Titanium Band is the way to go.

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