The way to Make Her Orgasm – Make Her Scream so Onerous That Her Eyes Roll Again in Their Sockets

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So how can you make a woman orgasm that she would end up wanting more and more from you? How can you pleasure her in ways she has never dreamed about? Do you know that 70% of women out there tend to fake their orgasms during sex? The major reason for this being that men are just not able to satisfy women. Therefore it becomes extremely important to know the perfect ways of making her orgasm and pleasuring her…

Give her a nice message first- Do you know that she would never orgasm until her body is completely relaxed and she is at ease? A nice oil massage is one of the best possible ways to turn her on and lead her to an astonishing ultimate orgasm.

Locate the erogenous zones- Learn where her erogenous zones are stimulate them to really turn her on. You see women have trigger points all over their body which once stimulated would turn them on instantly and they would be ever so ready for an orgasm. These points are generally the back of her neck, her lips, inner parts of her thighs and so on.

Use her name a lot- Do you know what’s the most important to a woman? It’s her name! You see in order to really make her orgasm you need much more than just physical stimulation, you need mental stimulation at the same time and the best possible way to do this is to use her name a lot. Tell her how good she is and how good she is making you feel. This would instantly stimulate her emotionally and you would see her achieve multiple orgasms.

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