The Super Mario Bros Movie Can Explain An Ancient Princess Peach Mystery

Super Mario Bros Movie Princess Peach

The mystery behind Princess Peach’s royal title may finally be answered as Mario needs help rescuing Luigi in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Princess Peach has a long-mysterious history that The Super Mario Bros. Movie can finally explain. Since first being kidnapped by Bowser in 1985, theories have emerged surrounding Princess Peach’s family. She is called “Princess,” yet Mario is always the one to come to her rescue instead of a King or Queen. However, the tables will be turned as Peach takes on a new role and finally gets a break from being kidnapped.

As Mario searches for Luigi in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Princess Peach appears to play a vital role in helping him through the Mushroom Kingdom. With monsters like Bowser and Kamek already confirmed, there should be plenty of action while trying to rescue Luigi from Bowser’s clutches. Because of her larger role, The Super Mario Bros. Movie can give Princess Peach a satisfying backstory that also answers the mystery of her title and family.


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Why Princess Peach Is Called “Princess” In The Games

Super Mario Bros movie Princess Peach Anya Taylor-Joy

Princess Peach is called “Princess” in the games because she’s the Mushroom Princess. Voiced by Anya-Taylor Joy in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Peach is the daughter of the Mushroom King (also known as King Toadstool), ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. As the daughter of a King, she receives the royal title and is regularly depicted wearing her crown. Often mistaken for her father because of his regular presence by her side, the elderly Toadsworth is not her father, but rather her steward. The King never makes an appearance in the games. However, he’s featured prominently in the comics and is briefly mentioned in Princess Peach’s character guide.

Theories have developed as to why Peach doesn’t hold the title of Queen, but this could be as simple as King Toadstool still being alive and Peach not having inherited the throne yet. Since the game is created by a Japanese game designer, it’s also possible that she cannot inherit the throne as a female, according to the Japanese monarchy. The Mushroom Kingdom has been teased to appear in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, so it’s possible that clues to her family tree may be seen in the background of Peach’s castle.

How Super Mario Bros Could Change Princess Peach’s Backstory

Anya Taylor Joy Princess Peach

The Super Mario Bros. Movie may introduce audiences to an entirely new Princess Peach. The trailer includes sneak peeks inside Peach’s castle as she’s surrounded by cheering Toads, complete with a single pink throne. Peach also loses her traditional pink ballgown in favor of a white biker suit similar to her outfit in Mario Kart Wii. Gone is the damsel in distress that fans remember, fixing Super Mario’s biggest problem. Peach is going to save Mario this time. She’s a stronger, female character than the previous Princess Peach always needing to be rescued and that’s just the start of how her story has already changed.

Princess Peach doesn’t have a well-developed backstory outside of being kidnapped, which allows the movie to create a new story. The Super Mario Bros. Movie may take the lead from fan theories and depict her as the adopted daughter of King Toadstool who now must rule over the Mushroom Kingdom or go in a new direction where she finds herself in the Mushroom Kingdom with Toads who need a new leader. Whichever direction, The Super Mario Bros. Movie may finally answer the longtime mystery surrounding Princess Peach and her origin.

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