The DCU Hero You Want The Most Can Fix An Arrowverse Mistake

The DCU Hero You Want The Most Can Fix An Arrowverse Mistake

The Arroverse introduced one of its most interesting characters right before it ended, and the DCU has a chance to redeem this big character waste.

The DCU‘s reboot is on the horizon, and while it has many mistakes of its own to fix, it may be able to correct one of the Arrowverse’s biggest sins. DC Studios head James Gunn seems eager to add all kinds of new and interesting characters to the franchise, moving past the basics like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Due to Gunn’s style of humor, it seems like the chances for one highly requested character to appear in the DCU are better than ever, redeeming a huge mistake from the Arrowverse.


While the DCU has been plagued by poor planning and inconsistent output, the Arrowverse has been running in the background since the beginning. In many ways, the Arrowverse’s DC adaptation is better than the DCU, with The CW’s long-running franchise featuring several beloved TV shows such as Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. Throughout the Arrowverse’s six official CW shows, loads of characters have been introduced, although some weren’t as developed as they deserved.

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Booster Gold In The DCU Can Make Up For Him Hardly Being In The Arrowverse

Legends of Tomorrow Donald Faison as Booster Gold

Booster Gold is a popular character from DC Comics, known for his ego, humor, and flashy blue and gold costume. A live-action version of Booster Gold actually appeared in the Arrowverse, played by Donald Faison. However, the popular character only made one appearance, that being in Legends of Tomorrow season 7, episode 13, “Knocked Down, Knocked Up.” While he does get another nod in The Flash, the Arrowverse’s wasting of Booster Gold was a tragedy – one that the DCU can fix.

Even though Booster Gold barely appeared in the Arrowverse, the DC can fix this by giving him a major role in the DCU. In the comics, Booster Gold is a member of the Justice League and a fairly powerful superhero. Even though he isn’t well-known to general audiences, Booster Gold has had his own comic runs and has participated in some big stories, meaning that the DCU could easily turn him into a star. Even if he doesn’t get his own movie, giving Booster Gold even a supporting role in one movie would be better than how he was treated in the Arrowverse.

Why Booster Gold Would Be Great For The DCU

Booster Gold in action in DC Comics

There are a lot of opportunities to introduce Booster Gold in the DCU, and he would be great for the franchise. A Blue Beetle movie is coming soon, and with one of Booster Gold’s more popular comic book runs being a crossover between himself and Blue Beetle, that could easily be adapted in the DCU. Booster Gold is also from the distant future, allowing the DCU to tell stories that haven’t been told before.

Booster Gold’s story could even play into the DCU’s reboot. It isn’t known exactly how the DCU will be retconned, but there is speculation that The Flash will be a Flashpoint adaptation that features time travel and multiversal travel. Booster Gold is from the future, meaning that the upcoming time travel stories would be the perfect place to introduce the hero. Although he isn’t the biggest character, Booster Gold is one of the best heroes from DC Comics, and it would be a shame if the DCU wastes him just like the Arrowverse did.

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