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Babe Laufenberg joins Shan & RJ and breaks down everything to expect from the Cowboys/Patriots game. Will this game be a challenge for Dak and how are the Patriots and their quarterback looking?

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27 thoughts on “The Dallas Cowboys / Patriots Recreation Day Preview & Stats”

  2. NFC East games Week 6:
    – Cowboys at Patriots
    – Washington vs. Chiefs
    – Eagles vs. Buccaneers (TNF)
    – Giants vs. Rams
    It is very possible the Cowboys are the only team to win 🤔

    Five weeks into the season, and the Dallas Cowboys have players with significantly good odds to win Comeback Player of the Year (Dak Prescott), Defensive Rookie of the Year (Micah Parsons) and Defensive Player of the Year (Trevon Diggs).

    Quite a start to the year…The cowboys are looking spectacular right now. This season is fun. I am having fun.😀

  3. There will be a statement made and it will be by the Cowboys. This year's team is going in every game trying to destroy the opponent. That is a new mentality around here. Fear not Belichik for he may have a few tricks up his sleeve but Dallas has a future & former coach running both sides of their ball and I'm confident they will make the proper in game adjustments to pull away comfortably against any Belechik jedi mind tricks.

  4. The patriots are another team , that’s it , another coach , qb, rb , etc; They are just another bump in the road , the narratives that surround these games have nothing to do with what people do in the field , it’s all talk , It’s up to Mac Jones to come out and win this game for the Patriots , not Bill … The team has to perform for bill , and that’s quite a task to handle against a hot cowboys team like this , I don’t fear any other team on this league as a fan of the Cowboys , what do you think the players feel ? We have to be cautious of everyone that’s why we have coaches who can compliment each other to battle right back with bill and his “thinking”…. if you ask me I rather watch for them to cheat , or to fuck around with the score board cause I’m not sold on any of this bullshit talk about what bill might do … I’m more so hype to see what the fuck these cowboys finna do to the patriots and how their coaches faces will look as we do it …#CowboysNation … I bet when the patriots had Brady none of their fans had a doubt in their minds they were going to win , and that’s how I feel about Dakota Rain Prescott My mfing quarterback …. now rip this comment apart mfers I said wtf I said …

  5. The Patriots will come out bombs away and running that ball or doing screens that the Cowboys aren’t ready for.
    Always expect the unexpected with the the Patriots. Now with all the Cowboy hype and the Patriots below .500 record it’s a perfect time to blow minds

  6. Hershel Walker trade, are they blind? fuck new england. DC4L,!!!! no disrespect to the guy (Belicheck). sorry his name sucks lol.

  7. Ain't nobody sleeping on nobody Out Cowboys ain't scared of nobody. Did yall forget that the Cowboys went toe to toe with Tom how give a Whataburger about what naysayers are saying Dallas Cowboys ain't laying down for nobody and I me nobody you digg

  8. I have always listened to Babe intake, he's pretty spot on, with that been said Diggs will get 2 interception 🏈🏈🏈

  9. We have to hit them before get to the red zone. It going to be interesting to see if they load the box or have two high safety. 🤔

  10. Babe Laufenberg joins Shan & RJ and breaks down everything to expect from the Cowboys/Patriots game. Will this game be a challenge for Dak and how are the Patriots and their quarterback looking?

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