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26 thoughts on “The Dallas Cowboys Crisis Prevention + Bye Week”
  1. I don't think Kellen Moore wants be a head coach. Wouldn't be surprised to see Dan Quinn take the head coach position and retain Moore

  2. We’ve all made mistakes, just haven’t been caught , nobody’s perfect .. novody got hurt. Focus, prevail my brother and get better

  3. Come man we ain’t the Nation…. There’s only one Nation that’s The Raider Nation! We dem boyz!!!!!!! America’s Team!!! Cowboy nation just don’t have that ring to it

  4. Would rather have Kazee with a DWI then the Kansas City player who got caught boarding a plane with a fire💪

  5. This is a brotherhood we're all behind him and for people saying ✂️ ties with Kazee then what about Randy Gregory multiple times huh enough said

  6. People make mistakes. It will be a non issue when we play again. He might have a fine to pay to the league but that’s all. These guys are millionaires so it’ll be just fine.

  7. There’s no reason to to get rid of McCarthy. I think we’re dam lucky to have with Jerry’s reputation

  8. The team probably joking around with him already about this😂.
    This honestly shouldn't be a distraction just an understanding of the mistake kazee made

  9. Accident waiting to happen. If the body cam shows a sloppy Drunky drunk Damontae Kazee. They’ll be crucifixion.

  10. Antwaun Woods got arrested for possession of weed, and still was able to play. People make mistakes. Let him learn from it.

  11. Man send a message. Kazee has to go, way more trouble than he's worth, got into a fight with Giants receiver Kadarious Toney, almost cost us the game vs the Patriots now he's getting arrested smh. If they cut Jaylon Smith they can cut him.

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