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31 thoughts on “The Dallas Cowboys Are Now In A Higher Place On account of The LA Rams vs 49ers Loss…”
  1. They media will have ppl thinking the nfc East is the worst division in football and that’s the reason for the success of Dallas.

    If that’s the narrative, the nfc north is worse

  2. Law it was so bad they called deebo the deebo from Friday. They said he took LA's chain and bike last night.

  3. It just shows how important time and chemistry is important. I'm from San Antonio Tx born a raised so seeing the Spurs all these years , it really is important to have those important traits which I believe this dallas team is showing.

  4. Diva receiver effect. When you have WRs that need the ball and you start forcing it to them to make them happy then you get INTs. That’s the best part about Dallas offense.

    Cooper 6 catches 91 yards 2 TDs…. Everyone happy
    CeeDee 8 catches 112 yards 2 TDs…. Everyone happy
    Zeke 160 yards 1 TD…. Everyone happy

    As long as we are winning no one cares. When we loose everyone takes blame.

  5. Can't stand OBJ. He is too much about himself. Will take Gallup all day every day over OBJ, I think he'd be a cancer.
    My opinion on Miller, think he's great, heluva an athlete and player, but don't know if he'd mesh with this team this late in the season.

  6. Good to see Cowboys score on opening drive against ATL. They set the tone. In several previous games, it felt like they let their opponent stay in the game longer than they should have with miscues and pre-snap penalties (Patriots?). It just felt like they took longer than necessary to subdue their opponent. I think that culminated in the Denver game. Good to see them knock ATL down and stand on their throat (metaphorically speaking). I can still hear Coach Parcells saying dumb players do dumb things & no negative plays, no turnovers, no exotic snap counts. I’ve been a fan since Dorsett was a rookie. They spoiled me with a championship my first year. Go Cowboys!

  7. Law I agree with a lot that you said but it’s too early to criticize Odell..he has to learn the offense..let’s not forget the rams went to the Super Bowl a couple years a go and whooped our butts in the playoffs.I like what the rams been doing.they feel there needs.something I think we lack a lot of the time.we didn’t need Odell but I would have loved von miller

  8. Two MORE TRASH quarterbacks the media claim is better than dak….fckin nuts!!!!!!!DAK IS ELITE and he will take us to the promise land

  9. We could lose to the chiefs in overtime….. and will get dragged in the sports world way worst that the rams will tomorrow

  10. I picked Rams to lose by alot. Them and Bucs back 2 back losses. Good thing Rams and Cardinals in same division. Packers will lose to Vikings. Cowboys will handle Chiefs. 1st place!

  11. Yet the Rams organization keeps thinking they are. They think can beat Brady somehow by making trades and yet he is the one with the rings. Just saying………..

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