The Best Builds To Use in Soulstone Survivors

Soulstone Survivors Three Different Classes Including Characters For Arcane Spell Caster, Huntress, and Fighter

The waves of enemies players encounter in Soulstone Survivors become progressively more intense through higher numbers and dangerous environments, encouraging only the best builds for the classes available in this title from Game Smithing Limited. While defeating a certain amount of foes, players may select certain skills to upgrade their character throughout the constant fighting, although there are limits to how many of these traits can be equipped at a time. Whether specializing in physical attacks, magic, or summons, the diversity of classes in Soulstone Survivors gives players plenty of options to construct their preferred abilities when tackling dungeon challenges.


Although there are powerful combinations for every class in Soulstone Survivors, the best builds to consistently overcome hoards of enemies are the Ranged Hound Master, Bleed Barbarian, Lightning Elementalist, and Burn Damage Pyromancer. Taking the maximum potential of the strongest summons, melee damage, and spell attacks respectfully, these builds devastate even the tougher bosses of this indie game by giving the player room to move without getting locked down. Mobility remains the most important factor in Soulstone Survivors. These archetypes clear smaller enemies while constantly dealing massive damage to more intimidating foes without slowing the player down.

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Draw Attention Away From the Hound Master

Soulstone Survivors The Hound Master Base Game Class with Weapon and Base Stats Listed

The unfortunate reality of the Hound Master class in Soulstone Survivors comes from their lack of mobility, which becomes a huge risk in the game’s later stages. However, the natural gimmick of this character revolves around the summoned creatures that aid them in battle, taking attention away for chances to deal damage. Therefore, players will want to build a Hound Master that takes advantage of the range given to them by their distracting summons, with a weapon like the Riflemen’s Vengeance that has specific bonuses for long-distance attacks.

Runes in Soulstone Survivors also help to mitigate the natural weakness of the Hound Master class, transforming it into a formidable force with the right build. Passive skills such as Swift and Vicious Strikes mesh well with the Chaos Golem, Build Ballista, and Bloodlust active abilities to increase the otherwise lackluster speed of the Hound Master while dealing more damage and pushing enemies away. Prioritizing critical damage turns the Hound Master into one of the highest damage dealers in the game should players take the initiative and upgrade their Critical Chance and Critical Damage Modifier stats.

Hack and Slash Through Bleeding Foes With the Barbarian

Soulstone Survivors Barbarian Class Gameplay with Brutal Strikes Passive Ability On Horde of Enemies Player Perspective Screenshot

Another case of a slower class, the Barbarian, has builds that compensate for their slow movement with massive melee attack damage. A build that focuses on Bleed damage through the Active Abilities called Eviscerate and Flurry guarantee that players never have to worry about being overwhelmed by too many enemies, as many will die off after being struck a couple of times through this drain on their health. Passive Abilities that support this strategy include Brutal Strikes and Poisonous Blood, which increase the Barbarian’s damage even further while giving them a hazardous aura that takes a toll on enemy life on top of the Bleed already being applied.

To bring about this plan, the player would best try and use the weapon from the class named the Tribal War Axes. Possessing a high affinity with Bleed damage properties already, the attacks from this tool encourage players to step into hoards rather than avoid them, dealing damage up close in wild displays of violence. Similar to the Barbarian class seen from Diablo titles, the bulk associated with this class differentiates it from the Hound Master with higher health, allowing players to implement their build more frequently as they engage wave after wave of enemies.

Bolster Beam Damage Through the Lightning Elementalist

Soulstone Survivors Hero Character Out of Several Selectable Choices Fighting Goblin Enemies

Perhaps one of the strongest base attacks in the game may be found through the Elementalist class and their beam of magic that connects to multiple enemies at once. As players upgrade the Elementalist’s skills, they can build an absolutely monstrous character that harnesses Lightning attacks to boost their damage ridiculously. For example, the Scepter of Thunder weapon applies an effect to enemies labeled as Dazed, halting their activity for a short period. Players with high enough Lightning damage can wipe out these Dazed enemies without a second thought, using this destructive magic to clear whole sections of the battlefield with little effort.

There many Lightning-based Active Abilities players should choose for the Elementalist, such as Lightning Beam, Call Lightning, Chain Lightning, Lightning Bolt, and Thunder Strike. The straightforward nature of these attacks are backed up by the addition of Holy Fire, which creates a large Area of Effect (AoE) damage radius in the same vein as these other attacks. In addition, there happens to be a Passive Ability called Area of Effect that players may use to increase the potency of their Lightning yet again, as well as Impending Doom and Desperation, which boost damage values from opponents that are Burned or Dazed.

Burn Every Enemy With the Pyromancer

Soulstone Survivors Pyromancer Class Base Character on Initial Roster with Main Weapon and Stats Listed on Right Margin

Beyond the fire magics of the Pyromancer, there are a common amount of spells that apply the Burn status effect in Soulstone Survivors, as each of the arcane using classes and even some others have access to Abilities that induce this hazard. Yet, this class remains the best source to focus a build on Burn damage, using Passive and Active Abilities to chain firey attacks together for a good balance of offense and defense. The notable traits players should invest in are Fire Wall, Fire Bolt, Meteor, Flame Wave, Fire Slash for Active Abilities, Fire Shield, Spontaneous Combustion, and Thermal Shock for their Passive Abilities.

The primary weapon of the Pyromancer, appropriately named Pyromancer’s Firestarter, holds the title of the most potent flame-based weapon in the game. Opening up a huge variety of fire spell attacks for the player, this weapon is necessary during any run and acts as the cornerstone to any build of this class. The best builds in Soulstone Survivors utilize the best traits of their class while optimizing the strong characteristics that were already intrinsic to them, pushing their skills and abilities to their limit against the force of enemies players will inevitably face.

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