The Avengers Are Fighting Their Longest Battle In Franchise History

Marvel's Avengers Assemble Cover (Avengers #64)

Jason Aaron’s Avengers Assemble epic is still ongoing, and Iron Man confirms this massive multiversal battle is also one of their longest ever.

Warning! This post contains a PREVIEW for Avengers #64In a new preview for the next chapter of Jason Aaron’s Avengers Assemble event, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are engaged in one of their longest battles ever. Having traveled back to the past to protect their ancestors from Mephisto and the Multiversal Masters of Evil, the Avengers of Earth-616 are holding their own compared to past Earths the Masters have already destroyed along with their versions of the Avengers. Now, Iron Man confirms that even the gods have grown exhausted, having been fighting for days on end with no breaks or meaningful victories.


In the new preview for Avengers #64 (Avengers Assemble Part 4) from Jason Aaron and Javier Garrón, Iron Man shares his concern that the Avengers of the past and present may bring about a new mass extinction event thanks to their extended battle with the Multiversal Masters of Evil. Although there have been losses on both sides, the battle is still ongoing with Tony Stark confirming the Avengers have been fighting for a total of 9 days thus far. Here are the preview pages and synopsis for the upcoming issue:

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Even The Avengers’ Gods Are Exhausted In Their Latest Battle

Even the gods like Odin and Thor are getting tired and every single Avenger looks so worn down, their uniforms and costumes literally falling apart as they keep fighting the Masters without end. Even major battles in the MCU like the Battle for Earth against Thanos in Avengers: Endgame didn’t last for more than a day.

  • AVENGERS #64
  • The Avengers wage their final bloody showdown with the Multiversal Masters of Evil for the fate of prehistoric Earth and the entire Marvel Age of Heroes. Not everyone will survive. Meanwhile, Tony Stark must face his greatest enemy: his own father, the Iron Inquisitor.

As the preview reveals, it takes the combined power of Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Odin, Thor, and the Ancient Iron Fist just to take off Killmonger’s face mask who’s wearing his reality’s Asgardian Destroyer armor. According to Tony, it’s hard to tell if they’re even winning with both sides refusing to give up any ground. Likewise, Mephisto and his Council of Red are out in the multiverse laying siege to the Tower of Avenger Prime while an army of Avenger variants is doing all they can to turn the tide on that front.

While it’s anyone’s guess how Avengers Assemble will end, it’s certainly the largest assembly of heroes for one of the longest battles the Mightiest Heroes of any Earth have likely ever had. As the ongoing battle continues, here’s hoping the Avengers will find a way to gain the upper hand, saving the entire multiverse in the process. The full Avengers #64 goes on sale January 4th from Marvel Comics.

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