That ‘90s Show Completely Ignores A Major Kelso ’70s Show Storyline

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Kelso already entered fatherhood in That ’70s Show, but his history may be rewritten 15 years later with Jay Kelso in That ’90s Show.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for That ’90s Show season 1.

That ‘90s Show season 1 has taken an interesting approach to storytelling as it disregards a major Kelso storyline from That ‘70s Show. For over two seasons of That ‘70s Show, Kelso prepares for impending fatherhood and adjusts to a new, slightly more responsible lifestyle. With guest appearances by Kelso and Jackie, That ‘90s Show has possibly rewritten Kelso’s history.

Though That ‘90s Show pays tribute to That ‘70s Show, but also ignores major milestones for the latter’s characters. As Leia Foreman spends the summer in Point Place, she is introduced to the neighborhood kids including a familiar name. Leia’s new friend, Jay Kelso, throws a wrench in Kelso’s history by never mentioning an important person in his father’s life.


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Betsy Kelso Is Missing From That ‘90s Show

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Kelso’s daughter, Betsy, may have had a hand in Kelso growing up in That ‘70s Show, but she is missing entirely from That ‘90s Show. Though That ‘70s Show season 8 is proven bad, one of the main storylines is Kelso moving to Chicago to be closer to Brooke and Betsy. Betsy is born early in That ‘70s Show season 7 and her presence forces Kelso to become more responsible and prove his worth, so Brooke will allow him to be part of Betsy’s life. However, That ‘90s Show introduces Kelso and Jackie’s son, Jay, with no mention of Betsy.

That ‘90s Show season 1 takes place in 1995. Betsy is born early in 1979, making her 16 years old in 1995. Kelso and Jackie still live in Point Place with Jay attending school with the new gang, revealing the plot holes of That ‘90s Show. During “The Birthday Girl,” Leia is turning 15 years old and Red gifts her the Vista Cruiser only for Jay to drive her around. Assuming he has his driver’s license, Jay is also 16 years old—the same age as Betsy. He never mentions any siblings and is presumed to be an only child. Betsy’s absence leads to potential timeline inconsistencies.

Betsy’s Absence Changes Kelso & Jackie’s Timeline

Mila Kunis as Jackie Burkhard and Ashton Kutcher as Michael Kelso in That '70s Show season 4

Kelso and Jackie’s storyline is in question due to Betsy’s absence, continuing That ‘70s Show’s most frustrating mistake. In “Free Leia,” Fez tells Kitty that Jackie left him for Kelso while they were on vacation. The new gang of That ‘90s Show potentially contradicts the storylines of That ‘90s Show season 8. In order for Jay to be 16 years old in 1995, he also needs to be born in 1979, prior to the events of That ‘70s Show’s finale. While Jackie could have easily ended her relationship with Fez shortly after the new year to be with Kelso, the timeline doesn’t align for Jay’s birth.

Kelso and Jackie’s second marriage is a perfect nod to That ‘70s Show for the often-tumultuous relationship, but no acknowledgment of Betsy seems odd considering the amount of Kelso’s storylines dedicated to becoming a young father. Betsy could still appear or be mentioned in That ‘90s Show season 2, especially since Eric, Donna, and Leia also live in Chicago. Betsy’s absence could be easily explained as Kelso having no contact with his daughter, but her addition currently seems unlikely as Betsy has possibly been retconned in favor of a Kelso and Jackie romance.

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