That ‘90s Show Breaks That ‘70s Show’s Water Tower Curse

That 70s Show cast on the Water Tower and That 90s Show's teens on the Water Tower

The Water Tower is the most dangerous location for teens in Point Place, but That ’90s Show’s teens break the curse it put on the original characters.

WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for That ’90s Show season 1!The Water Tower is arguably the most dangerous location in Point Place, but That ‘90s Show’s teens luckily escape the landmark’s curse from That ‘70s Show. That ‘90s Show brings the new generation of Point Place teenagers back to many familiar locations from the original sitcom, most notably the Formans’ basement, The Hub, and the Water Tower. The latter landmark serves as a significant backdrop in That ‘90s Show’s pilot, as the teens bring a keg up the iconic Water Tower to watch the fireworks on the Fourth of July. The Water Tower may still bear the graffiti left by Kelso and Fez, but appears to have lost a key aspect of its reputation.


Immediately upon Leia’s return from the Water Tower in That ‘90s Show’s pilot, Eric and Donna reprimand her for going there. Leia’s parents personally remember the true dangers of the structure, as That ‘70s Show’s characters fell off the Water Tower on numerous occasions. Kelso fell off the Water Tower more than any other character, revealing that he fell every single school year since moving to Point Place. In every episode where That ‘70s Show’s teens went up the Water Tower, someone fell down and typically went to the hospital, with season 8 seeing Charlie Richardson tragically fall to his death. However, That ‘90s Show’s return to the Water Tower breaks this dangerous streak.

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Nobody Falls Off The Water Tower In That ‘90s Show Season 1

that 90s show - leia and friends at the water tower

Shockingly, nobody falls from the Water Tower when That ‘90s Show’s characters go up the structure in the pilot, thus breaking its injury-inducing curse. Additionally, when Leia and Gwen spray paint their names on the Water Tower in That ‘90s Show’s season 1 finale, they manage not to fall. None of That ‘70s Show’s female characters fell from the Water Tower, so Leia and Gwen’s safety makes sense, but the fact that Jay, Nate, and Ozzie descend from the structure unscathed is surprising. That ‘90s Show’s teens may have escaped a Water Tower fall throughout season 1, but they likely won’t be so lucky in the sitcom’s future.

There were certain occasions in which the original characters went up the Water Tower and didn’t fall down, such as when Fez and Jackie climbed up there in That ‘70s Show’s series finale, but Kelso had already fallen off in that same episode. Consequently, nobody falling off the Water Tower in That ‘90s Show season 1 indicates the structure may have been given some safety-driven updates in the 15 years since Kelso’s last fall. Perhaps That ‘90s Show‘s teen characters know to keep away from the Water Tower’s rails, as this was often what caused the original teens to fall.

That ‘70s Show Already Set Up Jay To Fall Off First

Ashton Kutcher as Michael Kelso and Mace Coronel as Jay Kelso in That 90s Show season 1

Jay was safe from the Water Tower’s curse in That ‘90s Show season 1, but because he’s the son of Michael Kelso, his fate in regard to the structure has already been determined. In That ‘70s Show season 5, Kelso remarks that he has fallen off the Water Tower every school year, with Hyde responding that the “record will stand until [Kelso’s] son goes to school.” It’s unclear whether Michael’s son Jay Kelso already fell off the Water Tower before That ‘90s Show season 1, but his last name indicates he’ll continue his father’s unlucky legacy at the location.

That ‘90s Show has already seen Jay repeat many of Michael Kelso’s mannerisms and quirks, such as being a womanizer and yelling “burn!,” so falling off the Water Tower is the next step in taking over his father’s role. If Ashton Kutcher reprises his role as Michael in That ‘90s Show season 2, Jay could also potentially fall off alongside his father, with the Water Tower taking down two generations of Kelsos at once. Ultimately, Point Place’s Water Tower isn’t apt to let Kelso and Jackie‘s son escape without injury for much longer.

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