Tetris Effect’s Free Modes & New Features Detailed in Video Breakdown

Tetris Effect's Free Modes & New Features Detailed in Video Breakdown

Tetris Effect is still going strong over four years after its initial release. The puzzle game is set to launch alongside PlayStation VR2 with an update that will add a variety of new modes. And while it is timed around that PlayStation 5 release, the update will drop on every platform the game is currently on.

There are four new modes in this update. These include Classic Score attack, which turns one of the existing multiplayer modes into a solo affair and is meant to mirror how classic Tetris is played in the Classic Tetris World Championship. There are even NTSC and PAL toggles that let users choose which region’s version they want to emulate.

Zone Marathon is Marathon Mode with the Zone mechanic, a mechanic that was previously locked to Journey Mode and Zone Battle. And there are now endless variants of Purify Mode and Master Mode, meaning that it is now possible for players to clear trash blocks and truly test their skills for as long as possible.

These seem mostly geared toward the professional Tetris community, as reinforced by the video below. Experts Yoshimi and Blink weighed in and spoke highly about these additions.

There are also some features specific to a few platforms. Switch players can also play in Tate Mode, which is a popular mode for scrolling shooters that flips the aspect ratio vertically and allows handheld users to get a better view of the play area. And as previously discussed, those playing on PS VR2 can enable eye tracking and activate Zone mode by closing and opening their eyes (in a way that is presumably much slower than blinking). The PS5 version in general will also support haptic feedback through the DualSense, PS VR2 controllers, and the PS VR2 headset itself.


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