Super Nintendo World Opening Celebrated Lavishly By Universal Studios

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Screen Rant wnt to the red carpet and opening ceremony of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios, where Jaime Camil & Jon Corfino shared insights.

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood has officially opened, with a spectacular ceremony that included a red carpet and surprise guests. Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto came all the way from Japan to help start the countdown to the lighting up of the land, which stuns as it feels like stepping directly into a Nintendo game.

Super Nintendo World is conceived in partnership with Nintendo® and the visionaries at Universal Creative to deliver exhilarating entertainment with innovative technological achievements inspired by characters and video games that have appealed to Nintendo fans for generations. It opened to the public on February 17th.

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Let The Super Nintendo Celebrations Commence

Super Nintendo World Crew At Opening
Courtesy of Universal Studios

On the carpet, Screen Rant caught up with Jon Corfino, Vice President of Universal Creative, to talk about what went into the building of this immersive world and how they chose which ride they wanted to feature. Jane the Virgin star Jaime Camil also stopped to chat with Screen Rant about his love for Nintendo, while also giving us details about Schmigadoon season 2, which premiers this April.

Screen Rant: Was there anything you just had to have, like the Warp Pipe, or was there an infinite number of things?

Jon Corfino: There’s so much; the experience is so rich with opportunities. Obviously, the warp pipe had to be almost the signature entry point, and then the transition between different locations in the land. But we had such a rich tapestry of environments to work with, and Nintendo was just a great partner in helping us understand how they do things, and then bringing our creative vision to this. It’s a great, magical experience.

It’s amazing. And the ride was very cool. Was it hard to decide what you were going to do for the ride?

Jon Corfino: Well, it’s always challenging, but [we had] a lot of really creative folks and a lot of great technology. Again, I would say it’s not just about technology. It’s really about the layers, because that Mario Kart ride in particular is an Augmented Reality experience.

You’ve got technology that we actually developed with our Advanced Technologies Group in Orlando, and then you’re layering that against projection, video mapping, animated characters, special effects… But it’s how you make all that come together. It almost becomes transparent that there’s no technology because you’re so immersed in it.

What do you recommend I eat at Toadstool Cafe?

Jon Corfino: It’s all really good. I can’t say [I have] any favorites here, but I will say the chicken sandwich is really great. The Tiramisu is really great.

Screen Rant: What are you most looking forward to checking out at Super Nintendo World?

Jaime Camil: No idea. I’m a big fan of Super Mario. I’ve had all the Nintendo consoles that ever existed. I was very good at the Nintendo 64; that was mine, and I was very good at Super Mario World on that console.

Right now, we play Mario Kart and all of that, but I haven’t even seen pictures of the world. I don’t even know how it is. I’m sure it’s incredible.

What was your favorite game from Nintendo?

Jaime Camil: I’d have to say Super Mario World.

What you’re most looking forward to?

Jaime Camil: Everything. I don’t have to choose, right? So, all of them!

I’m not sure what you can say about season 2 of Schmigadoon!, but I’m very excited.

Jaime Camil: Well, it’s no longer Schmigadoon!, now it’s now Schmicago. We’re in the era of the darker musicals. I cannot spoil anything; we don’t even have a trailer out there.

I think Keegan and Cecily’s characters miss Schmigadoon. They want to go back because they miss the color and the fun and everything. Then they realize when they actually go back, “Oh, shoot. This is not Schmigadoon. This is Schmicago, and this is not a musical that we’re want to get stuck in.” Because this is very dark and Sweeney Todd and Cabaret and everything. That’s pretty much how it goes.

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