Super Mario Bros Movie Trailer In N64 Style Will Make 90s Kids Nostalgic

Super Mario Bros Movie Trailer N64 Version

A fan-made Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer created in the classic Nintendo 64 style will make ’90s kids nostalgic for the iconic platformer title.

As audiences gear up for the second attempt at adapting the gaming franchise, a fan-made Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer made in a Nintendo 64 style arrives to make ’90s kids nostalgic. The upcoming animated film will see the eponymous plumber, voiced by Chris Pratt, and his brother Luigi, voiced by Charlie Day, sucked into a fantastical universe of varying galaxies, all of which are under threat by the menacing Bowser, voiced by Jack Black. Teaming up with Anya Taylor-Joy’s Princess Peach and Keegan Michael Key’s Toad, Mario will have to rise up and rescue the Mushroom Kingdom, and the rest of the universe, from the fiery antagonist.


Nearly a month after the footage sent the Internet into a fervor, YouTuber King Bob Gaming has released a unique Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer set in a Nintendo 64 style. The video sees the titular plumber and the characters surrounding him taken back to the polygonal designs of the franchise’s first 3D title, with the various Super Mario 64 visuals sure to make ’90s kids nostalgic for the classic game. Check out the fan trailer below:

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How The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s Designs Compare To The Games

Mario Kart in The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Though Pratt’s vocal work in the leading role has remained a divisive element among fans, The Super Mario Bros. Movie has already scored widespread acclaim for the faithfulness to the designs of the Nintendo games. The various trailers and character posters have shown the animators at Illumination, the studio behind the Despicable Me and Sing franchises, are taking incredible measures to ensure the iconic personalities of the games to life. The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailers have also shown a large array of background details with designs reminiscent of the games, including the coliseum he faces Donkey Kong in resembling that of the level layout in the original Donkey Kong games, from which Mario spawned.

While some of the film’s world seems to be pulling from Super Mario 64, including Princess Peach’s Castle, it does also seem to be taking a lot of inspiration from the likes of Super Mario Odyssey and Galaxy as the Italian plumber visits a variety of worlds in his quest to bring down Bowser. Similarly, the designs look to be pulling from the latter two titles, moving away from the 2D graphics of the original Mario games, and the polygonal look of Super Mario 64, moving toward the higher-res designs of the recent games. However, there does appear to be some deviations taken for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, showing far more emotive expressions from its various characters, namely Mario himself.

Given the various game characters tend to retain the same facial expressions throughout and have their dialogue delivered in text boxes, the minor deviations taken for The Super Mario Bros. Movie ultimately benefit the film. With audiences no longer in control of the characters, but strictly watching, Mario and his friends will need to feature some deeper emotions to indicate growth and story development in the animated movie to keep viewers invested. Only time will tell what other changes the animators may have in store when The Super Mario Bros. Movie hits theaters on April 7.

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