Stephen Hawking Is Diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease | The Theory Of Everything | Screen Bites

Stephen Hawking Is Recognized with Motor Neurone Illness | The Idea Of The whole lot | Display screen Bites


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Stephen Hawking is diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease at the age of 21 and discovers what it does. However, the doctor gives him just two years to live.

One of the most memorable scenes from “The Theory Of Everything” starring Eddie Redmayne.

The Theory Of Everything (2014) SYNOPSIS: Stephen Hawking, an excellent astrophysics student working on his research, learns that he suffers from motor neurone disease and has around two years to live.

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25 thoughts on “Stephen Hawking Is Recognized with Motor Neurone Illness | The Idea Of The whole lot | Display screen Bites

  1. On a wheel chair he sat ,he changed the world 🌎, he never believed god ,bt he himself see God now,God blessed him always but he never blessed God.

  2. I've got MS and encephalitis, so I sorta understand what he went through.
    Mine are perminant types.

  3. Stephen Hawking himself is a complete Intellectual disability,such as fool, as he looks like, he has no IQ or knowledge, he is just a pseudo-scientist who is packaged by business, of course this is a big secret, everything is for business activities such as selling books , So he has no evidence of scientific achievements. It will only predict what will happen 100-10000 years later, because these cannot be proven in a short period of time. Now who can prove that everything he said came from his own will? A person who has no basic ability to act, how can he practice and explore himself in the complex scientific world? This is obviously absurd! He is just an incommunicable idiot. All his doctrines are written by the team behind him and completed for him. He has been portrayed as a disabled genius scientist. All of this is a scam!

  4. We can't say that he was a lucky or unlucky man ….. Lucky for that he the only man discovered theory of everything … Unlucky for that he got motor neurone disease…. 😞

  5. That moment before the trip was so built up and the impact made me wince. Brain injuries and the like are some of the cruelest injuries one can get.

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