Songs GTA 6’s Radio Stations Need To Beat Grand Theft Auto 5’s

Artwork of Ron from GTA 5 listening to the radio, with single covers for The Weeknd's Blinding Lights, Rob Zombie's Dragula, and Jay-Z and Linkin Park's Numb / Encore floating to the right.

Grand Theft Auto 5’s radio stations featured some of the most iconic tracks in the series’ history, so Grand Theft Auto 6 has its work cut out to surpass its predecessor. While the selection of songs for the official soundtrack fit the title well upon its release, GTA 6’s stations could take this to the next level, establishing a soundtrack that mixes well with the sequel’s premise. This was done in L.A. Noire, with most songs on the radio discussing crimes and the police, which made the game more charming.


Radio stations in GTA 5 were made through a selected list of songs that are shuffled when players get into a car and start driving. However, after nine years since the initial release of the game, new songs and stations being added in updates, and no signs of Rockstar letting GTA 5 go, they have grown to become increasingly repetitive. GTA 6‘s stations should avoid this problem simply by being new, but there are a few timeless songs that could make them better than GTA 5‘s.

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GTA 6 Needs Songs That Fit Its Vice City Theme

Two DJ's working in a nightclub in GTA Online.

There have been many songs that have grown in popularity since the release of GTA 5 that could be included in GTA 6 and spice up the stations, such as Bad Guy by Billie Eilish and Blinding Lights by The Weeknd. However, a great selection of songs can enhance players’ experience and completely alter their perception of events in-game, being possibly used to intensify action scenes, like Rob Zombie’s Dragula, or make driving throughout GTA 6’s large map become more entertaining, such as Michael Jackson’s Speed Demon. By using songs that support players’ immersion and connect to the game, GTA 6’s stations could be better than GTA 5’s.

Super Freak’s Funky Beat Could Make Trips More Enjoyable In GTA 6

One of the biggest problems in GTA 5’s open world that GTA 6 can fix is the long travels players need to take to get to the main story missions in the game. This can be done by adding more upbeat songs and stations to the cars, such as Super Freak, by Rick James, which would help players endure long trips throughout the map. The song, released in 1981, has become well-known due to the track having been sampled several times and included in other songs, such as MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This, and Nicki Minaj’s Super Freaky Girl.

Bad Guy Is An Iconic 2010s Track GTA 6 Can’t Miss

Grand Theft Auto pop stations tend to include hit songs from the period the game is set in, with GTA 5 featuring titles like Only Girl by Rihanna and Gimme More by Britney Spears, and this trend is likely to return in GTA 6. One hit pop song that could be included in the game is Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy, one of the most iconic songs of 2019. Its catchy melody could get GTA 6’s pop station up to speed with current trends. Not only that, but its theme of small acts of villainy are fitting for a Grand Theft Auto game.

The Chain Is Perfect For GTA 6’s Protagonist Duo

The rock songs included in GTA 5 captured the essence of the genre, but GTA 6’s could be better if The Chain by Fleetwood Mac was included. The song is not only one of the greatest songs of the band, but it’s fitting for GTA 6’s protagonists. According to reports, GTA 6 was inspired by Bonnie & Clyde, with the game being set to have two protagonists inspired by the movie and real-life criminal duo, and with The Chain being about the preservation of strong bonds between partners, the song could be the perfect addition to the game’s soundtrack.

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Jolene Could Put One Of The Biggest Country Hits In GTA 6

Jolene by Dolly Parton is a country song that was released in 1974, but it has made a comeback in popularity due to covers made from it, such as the one by Lil Nas X, and its potential inclusion in GTA 6 could make the game’s country radio station surpass GTA 5‘s in quality. This is because, while GTA 5‘s Rebel Radio included great songs such as D-I-V-O-R-C-E by Tammy Wynette and The General Lee by Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton remains one of the biggest country artists, and Jolene‘s ever-growing popularity makes it another song that could spice up GTA 6‘s country radio station.

Rob Zombie’s Dragula Would Be Perfect For Action Moments In GTA 6

Much like dual-wielding would improve GTA 6’s action, its soundtrack would also be able to make those moments more intense. A song playing in the background can make a police chase in GTA seem funny, tragic, or more extraordinary, and Dragula by Rob Zombie would fit the bill for all the above. The song, released in 1998, has a high-paced rhythm and an intense melody making it fitting for a classic GTA action moment, such as a chase, shootout, or players wreaking havoc and setting the entire scenery of the game ablaze.

Blinding Lights Is The Perfect Match For GTA 6’s Vice City

Much like Bad Guy, Blinding Lights by The Weeknd, released in 2020, is another pop hit that could diversify GTA 6’s radio stations. The track’s instrumental resembles the classic GTA 5 trailer theme, Sleepwalking by The Chain Gang of 1974, both in its upbeat rhythm and mostly electronic sounds in the background. The song’s general tone matches GTA 6’s Vice City setting, which has been depicted as bright and colorful even in the classic GTA: Vice City. Blinding Lights is also another song that helps diminish the exhaustion long trips through the maps can cause in players, helping to create an adventurous yet melancholic atmosphere.

Speed Demon Captures The Best Aspect Of GTA’s History

One of the most iconic aspects of Grand Theft Auto’s gameplay is driving around the scenery while breaking nearly every single traffic law in-game. However, not even GTA 5‘s radio stations have managed to implement songs that mix well with the player-caused chaos in the scenery. GTA 6 can establish this connection by adding Michael Jackson‘s Speed Demon to one of its stations, not only enhancing the driving experience with a catchy pop dance song by a well-known artist, but also cementing a potential GTA 6 pop station as an improvement over GTA 5‘s.

Numb / Encore Symbolizes The Changes Made In GTA 6

GTA 6 has an opportunity to fix several major issues in the franchise, but these fixes will be accompanied by large changes that might completely overhaul the franchise’s tenets. Numb / Encore by JAY-Z and Linkin Park is a song that could represent to a minor degree how these changes work, fusing the nu-metal sounds of Linkin Park’s Numb with JAY-Z’s rap, which completely transformed the track. Rockstar is reportedly bringing significant changes to Grand Theft Auto 6, and representing the transition to it from Grand Theft Auto 5 with Numb / Encore would be especially fitting, given it also featured in the 2006 Miami Vice film.

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