Single’s Inferno Season 1 Cast, Ranked By Instagram Followers

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The Single’s Inferno season 1 cast members are all popular on Instagram, but some rank higher than others. As part of the Netflix phenomenon, the cast went on lavish dates in Paradise together, and competed in Survivor-like challenges that tested friendships and loyalties. The eight-day, eight-episode span of the series earned the participants notoriety with those who love K-dramas and reality dating shows, but this one had unique rules that set it apart from shows like The Bachelor. Contestants could not learn the ages, places of residence, or careers until they earned a date, which led to connections on a smaller level for the couples and audience alike.

With a worldwide fanbase enjoying the show, many contestants saw waves of new followers on their social media, especially on Instagram. The Single’s Inferno season 1 cast included people from various walks of life. However, a large portion of the cast already had jobs that required them to be active on social media, like modeling and fitness influencing. As the first season was short, fans had to find their favorite contestants on Instagram if they wanted a deeper look into their lives. Now, many of the cast members boast large followings spanning the millions, while others are working to boost their numbers.

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Single’s Inferno – Kim Su Min – 301K Followers

Kim Su Min joined the cast as a late addition, so viewers had only a few episodes to get to know her. Su Min didn’t get a big moment at the finale, as she left with no love interests to speak of. If she had appeared in Single’s Inferno season 2, her Instagram followers would likely rank her near the top of the list.

Su Min’s Instagram (@sumesume_) focuses on her career, and photos of what she does daily. Her casual posts have a relatable style, so her IG grid isn’t perfectly curated, like the Instagrams of some of her fellow cast members. As she grows her acting career, Su Min is sure to gain followers.

Single’s Inferno – Kim Jun Sik – 317K Followers

Kim Jun Sik was a popular cast member among viewers, and his relationship with Yea Won produced many cute moments on camera. Jun Sik has a few Instagram accounts, but his main account is @juncore_, where he posts anything from moments at the gym to what he eats, but his main focus is his wellness food company.

Even though Jun Sik has fewer followers than his cast mates, he outranks many of The Circle singles stars’ Instagram following by large margins. Jun Sik doesn’t post daily, nor does he post about Single’s Inferno often, which may explain why more people don’t follow him.

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Single’s Inferno – Seong Min Ji – 384K Followers

Seong Min Ji was another latecomer to the competition who left the island without a love match. The South Korean model can be found on Instagram as @im_min.vely. Min Ji’s profile showcases her career as a model, and the campaigns she appears in.

Unlike some of her cast mates, Min Ji’s posts focus heavily on makeup and fashion, with only a few posts being casual snaps. With her carefully posed shots, Min Ji’s Instagram is more like her resume for modeling than a personal page. This is different from the popular Too Hot To Handle womens’ Instagram pages, where they promote their personal brands.

Single’s Inferno – Oh Jin Taek – 515K Followers

Oh Jin Taek left Single’s Inferno with Kang So Yeon, and it was exciting to see how the couple would fare. This could explain his larger following, as people would want to see updates on his relationship status with So Yeon as much as possible. Jin Taek goes by @timelessbruno, and is verified by Instagram.

Other than promoting his tailor shop, Jin Taek posted many snaps of him playing sports. This led to speculation that he was still with Se Yeon. Many of their posts appeared to place them in the same location. However, this was a mere coincidence. as Jin Taek has a new girlfriend (via Asia One).

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Single’s Inferno – Choi Si Hun – 901K Followers

Before appearing in Single’s Inferno, Choi Si Hun had been in a few romantic K-dramas that are just perfect for Valentine’s Day. So, he was recognized by his cast mates on day one. This would explain why he has such a big following, as he already had an established fan base before the show. Choi Si Hun was part of the group that chose Ji-A at the finale, but was left heartbroken.

However, it is clear on his Instagram profile @choi_hun2 that the heartbreak hasn’t stopped him from enjoying life in South Korea. His posts are primarily selfies, or photos with friends, as they try out new restaurants and bars across the country.

Single’s Inferno – Moon See Hoon – 933K Followers

Moon See Hoon clarified his intentions on day one, as he wanted Ji-Yeon to be his partner. The restaurateur left the island as part of a couple, but appears to be single since then. His Instagram @moonofsh shows no trace of a girlfriend.

While he had the same fate as many of the winning couples from Love Island, See Hoon has been enjoying the success of his three restaurants. Most of his pictures are taken in his restaurants as a form of promotion. See Hoon has started modeling for many brands, and often posts some of the stills from his photo shoots.

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Single’s Inferno – Kim Hyeon Joong – 1 Million Followers

Kim Hyeon Joong left the island with Ji-A, as she chose him over two other men who expressed interest in her. Even though they have broken up, people are still interested in the Single’s Inferno finalist (via Asia One). As the man who described himself as a puppy, a million followers have been charmed by the model and clothing brand owner.

His Instagram @__1126.1 showcases most aspects of his life, like workouts and baby photos. Even though some consider it one of the worst Love Island tropes, having influencers as part of Single’s Inferno is not uncommon. It has helped contestants like Hyeon Joong to grow their careers.

Single’s Inferno – An Yea Won – 1 Million Followers

An Yea Won was a positive and happy force on Single’s Inferno, and attracted followers, which led to her large following. She can be found on Instagram as @yeah.w__. As she notes in her bio, Yea Won’s page is a personal blog where photos from her life are shared.

Like on the show, Yea Won’s captions are about being happy and sharing positivity with others. Even her posts are bright in terms of lighting, giving her profile a sunny, natural feeling. Her posts are similar to those of every winner from Love Island, and their Instagram pages boast similar followings.

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Single’s Inferno – Shin Ji Yeon – 1 Million Followers

Shin Ji Yeon gained the attention of audiences and contestants when she entered Inferno. Ji Yeon posted on her Instagram @jiiiyeonie__ that her first account was hacked, making her large following even more impressive. Her new page was created just over a year ago.

Ji Yeon has embraced the content creator and influencer role, as she often posts about products and brands she enjoys. Even though her profile only has 28 posts, that hasn’t stopped peoplefrom following the former Single’s Inferno contestant. As her page is in the early stages of rebuilding, there is no telling how many followers the charismatic Ji Yeon will amass.

Single’s Inferno – Cha Hyun Seung – 1.1 Million Followers

While Cha Hyun Seung left the island single, he did leave with a large Instagram following, which started growing before he filmed the series. Like the most popular male Love Island UK contestants, Hyun Seung shares his daily life, and his most recent projects, on his profile. As a dancer for several different K-pop stars, followers never know who will appear in his posts.

His profile @502bright is a mix of a personal blog and professional resume, giving it a unique feeling compared to other profiles. Besides photos, Hyun Seung posts videos of himself dancing. This was something that no one saw on Single’s Inferno.

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Single’s Inferno – Kang So Yeon – 1.7 Million Followers

Kang So Yeon was another contestant on Single’s Inferno who had a following before being on the show. As a fitness influencer and CEO of a fitness brand, some viewers were familiar with So Yeon before she entered the competition. Like the most popular female Love Island UK Islanders on Instagram, being part of a final couple aided So Yeon’s growing her following.

As people waited for updates on her relationship, So Yeon continued posting about her love of sports on her profile, @kangsoyeon__. Her bio states that So Yeon is a video creator, which helps her to draw in followers. With Jin Taek confirming his relationship, So Yeon is officially single.

Single’s Inferno – Song Ji-A – 4.1 Million Followers

As a YouTuber and influencer before entering the competition, it is no surprise that Song Ji-A would have more Instagram followers than her cast mates. Despite facing backlash for wearing fake designer items on Single’s Inferno, and having to issue an apology, Ji-A has continued to have a successful career (via Asia One). She can be found on Instagram as @dear.zia.

Like the most popular leading ladies of The Bachelorette, Ji-A posts photos showcasing outfits and products she likes to use. Her page is a supplement to her YouTube channel, which has almost as many subscribers as she has followers. Her channel has over 2 million subscribers (via Freezia).

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