Sigourney Weaver’s Avatar 2 Teenage Character Is Blowing Fans’ Minds

Kiri enjoying swimming in the water in Avatar 2

Sigourney Weaver’s portrayal of Kiri, a teenage Na’vi character, is blowing fans’ minds with her central role in Avatar: The Way of Water.

This article contains spoilers for Avatar: The Way of Water.Avatar: The Way of Water star Sigourney Weaver has stunned fans with her performance as the teenage Na’vi character Kiri. Weaver’s Dr. Grace Augustine was an essential character in 2009’s Avatar, helping Jake (Sam Worthington) get acclimated to his new life as a Na’vi avatar and understand the importance of connecting with Pandora’s indigenous population. Despite being a human, Dr. Augustine stood by the Na’vi against the human threat due to her deep love for Pandora and her people, ultimately dying to protect them. Given Weaver’s character’s death in Avatar, it was a surprise when the marketing for Avatar: The Way of Water revealed that Weaver would be returning as the teenage Na’vi character Kiri.


Avatar: The Way of Water, which was released this week, offered some answers about Kiri, revealing that Jake and Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña)’s adopted daughter is Dr. Augustine’s biological daughter. This development provides a satisfying explanation as to why Weaver returned to voice the character, as well as opening up a host of questions about who Kiri’s father is and how she fits into the franchise’s future. Weaver’s emotional and impressive performance in the Avatar sequel has garnered many reactions from internet users, many of whom have shared praise for the seventy-three-year-old actor’s youthful portrayal of Kiri. See the posts below:

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Why Weaver’s Kiri Is Key To Avatar 2

Grace peering over at something and Kiri looking at her mother in Avatar

The many reactions to Kiri the character have become an instant fan-favorite, with several users pointing to Kiri as the most fascinating element of Avatar: The Way of Water. While the character’s powers and role aren’t fully explored in the Avatar sequel, there are hints in the movie that Kiri shares an unusually strong connection to Eywa and that she is able to walk among many worlds, seeming equally at home underwater and in environments created for humans. Avatar: The Way of Water makes it clear that Kiri’s conception within the human Dr. Augustine’s avatar body gave her certain gifts that she is still working to understand.

Despite being shrouded in a layer of mysticism, Kiri’s greatest strength as a character is that she is very much a teenager, and her defiant nature and independence are a core facet of her growth in the sequel. By being brave enough to strike out on her own and forge her own path, she uncovers parts of herself that no one knew were there. Her gifts came in handy in the Avatar sequel, when she saved her parents by guiding them out of the shipwreck with bioluminescent fish she summoned by tapping into her bond with Eywa.

What Future Avatar Sequels Hold For Kiri

Kiri and Eywa connect at the spirit tree in Avatar 2

The gamble to cast Weaver as a teenager in Avatar: The Way of Water clearly paid off, so it’s promising that the Avatar sequel sets Kiri up as possibly the franchise’s most important character. In the next Avatar sequels, the pressing question of who Kiri’s father is will likely be answered, perhaps unlocking further secrets about her mysterious powers, conception, and connection to Eywa. Avatar: The Way of Water sets Kiri up as a messiah-like figure, pointing to the possibility that she will be the key to ringing in an era of peace between the Na’vi and Sky People, which could result in a major sacrifice from the bright-eyed teenage character in future Avatar installments.

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