Severance Creator Explains The Importance Of Britt Lower’s Helly

Helly looking sad in Severance.

Severance creator Dan Erickson explains the importance of Britt Lower’s Helly, someone audiences can understand, and praises her performance.

Severance creator Dan Erickson explains the importance of Helly’s character. The psychological thriller series, directed by Ben Stiller and Aoife McArdle, premiered on Apple TV+ last year. Praised by critics and audiences alike, many consider it to be among the best television series of 2022. It primarily follows Mark (Adam Scott), a man who decided to partake in Lumon Industries’ severance program, in which his memories are separated between his work and personal life. Complications arise when Helly, played by Britt Lower, joins Mark and fellow employees in the corporation’s Macrodata Refinement division. Her anger at being severed and refusal to work there leads Mark and other characters to begin questioning Lumon, eventually discovering more about what they do.


Helly’s life outside of Lumon is one of the show’s most surprising reveals, as she is actually a member of the Eagan family, who underwent severance as a political and PR stunt. In retrospect, her Outie’s decision to remain severed ends up making a lot more sense. However, Helly is also someone who immediately recognizes something is wrong at the company, and in speaking with TV Insider, Erickson explains why her character is important. The creator says audiences could relate to Helly, as they generally experienced things at the same time, and praises Lower’s performance on the show. Read Erickson’s comments regarding Helly’s role in Severance below:

People related to Helly, who was the way into the world we’ve created. She’s the one who’s experiencing the show along with us, realizing how messed up it is. That just comes down to Britt exemplifying exactly the spirit of revolution in the character. She’s brought out things that we didn’t even know were in there.

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What To Expect From Helly In Severance Season 2

Helly, Dylan, and Irving in Severance

In the final episode of Severance season 1, titled “The We We Are,” audiences watched as Mark, Helly, and Irving’s (John Turturro) Innie’s got to experience what their lives were like outside of work. It was revealed that Helly is an Eagon, and that her reason for being at Lumon was to promote the legalization of severance. At a company event, she began telling everyone else in attendance about what being severed actually feels like, but was also warned by Cobel (Patricia Arquette) that doing so would be bad for Mark and the others.

With Severance season 2 on the way, it is likely the show will explore the fallout of Helly’s actions, since Cobel implied she would make things worse for Mark, Irving, and Dylan (Zach Cherry). Now that audiences know she is Helena Eagon, it will be exciting to see more of her day-to-day life in and out of work. If Helly returns to Lumon, the dynamic might change, since she is aware of her Outie’s identity. And because both versions are so different, it could be hard to convince her to reverse her severance, something Mark may look into doing.

Since Severance episode 1, audiences witnessed Helly’s best attempts at escaping her situation, and given what Erickson has said about her role, it makes sense that so many were rooting for her. It will be interesting to see what happens next, as Helly and her co-workers have all experienced the other part of their lives now. Those looking forward to finding out more about Helly and others can be sure to tune into Severance when it returns for season 2.

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