Scream 6’s Puzzle Clue Improves The Best Part Of The Series


Scream 6 just released a crossword puzzle full of hints and clues, proving that the sequel is leaning into what makes the series great: its mystery.

Scream 6‘s advertising campaign is really leaning into the murder mystery aspect of the film, highlighting the best part of the Scream series. Scream 6 will see another murderer don the Ghostface costume and reign terror on the main characters. Scream 6‘s various posters and advertisements have almost turned the film’s marketing into an ARG, with each piece of Scream 6 marketing that is released being full of clues, mysteries, and puzzles.


The official Scream Twitter account has released a Scream 6 crossword puzzle, with the answers referencing past characters and giving hints as to what the upcoming sequel could be about. This isn’t the only Scream 6 advertisement that is taking this route, as another one of the film’s posters cryptically lists past Ghostface killers and victims in the style of a subway route map. Scream 6 is putting more emphasis on the mystery of who Ghostface is than ever before, and that’s a good thing, as the mysteries are the best part of the Scream franchise.

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Scream’s Biggest Mystery Is Always Who The Killer Is

Ghostface in New York City in Scream 6

Scream is a more complex franchise than its contemporaries like Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street, as the Scream movies are far more than just slasher films. On top of the violence and horror, Scream is also a murder mystery series, with each film introducing a new Ghostface killer. Throughout each film, the audience attempts to deduce the killer, with each film’s new cast of characters being full of red herrings and false leads. The Scream movies are known for this game with the audience, making them more like a Clue or Knives Out murder mystery with the aesthetic of a slasher.

The mystery game aspect of Scream has been apparent since the very beginning. Ghostface’s “I wanna play a game” catchphrase kicks off the first film and is present in nearly every other Scream movie, with the masked killers being obsessed with playing games with their victims. Much like how Ghostface is forcing his victims to play games, Scream forces its audience to play a game, with each film setting up the mystery of who the killer is.

Scream 6 Could Be The Biggest Horror Mystery Yet

The Nun in the Scream 6 Trailer

Scream 6‘s mystery could be the biggest one yet, outdoing any of its predecessors. Scream 6 is changing its setting to New York City, meaning that the film may have more characters than ever that could be under the Ghostface mask. The trailer indicates that there will be multiple Ghostfaces, making the mystery even harder to crack. Scream 6 will also feature returning characters like Kirby Reed, meaning that the mystery will probably require knowledge of every previous Scream film. Scream 6 is preparing the franchise’s most complex mystery yet, leaning into what makes the series unique.

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