Rey’s Story ‘Ended in a Wonderful Way’

Rey’s Story ‘Ended in a Wonderful Way’

Daisy Ridley was tapped to star as Rey in the latest trilogy of Star Wars films after Disney acquired the property. While it’s unclear what the future holds for her character, Ridley recently said that she feels like Rey’s story came to a satisfactory close.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Ridley was asked about the possibility of potentially revisiting the character of Rey, similar to how Han Solo and Luke and Leia Skywalker were revisited years later. Ridley said that she has no idea if that will ever happen, but that she feels like Rey’s story ended “in a wonderful way.”

“Honestly, I have no idea. I feel like Rey’s story ended in a wonderful way with the last film [Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker],” said Ridley. “It’s already been an insane three years since that film came out. I feel like quite a different person. We’ve all gone through a massive change in the last three years, with lots of crazy things happening. So I really don’t know if there are plans. I just don’t know. But ultimately, I loved my experience, I loved what I got to do and I love the people I got to work with. So, should that happen again, even once, amazing. Because the dream is to really be around nice people that make you feel good and feel heard while you do good work.”

Ridley’s Rey was the main character of the latest Star Wars sequel trilogy, which saw her thrust into the overarching story of Luke Skywalker. By the final film, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, it was revealed that Rey was actually the granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine.

At the end of the film, Rey — now calling herself Rey Skywalker — buries the Skywalker lightsabers on the planet of Tatooine and leaves with her own newly constructed lightsaber to explore the galaxy.

While the future of the mainline Star Wars film series remains unknown, the mixed reaction to the sequel trilogy has led some of its stars to be hesitant to comment on ever coming back. Just last year, Jon Boyega said that he was “good” on ever playing Finn in any Star Wars property again, and has been openly critical of how his character was handled. Other stars like Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac have not publicly commented on whether or not they’d come back, however, so it’s possible that they could if the story was right.

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