Resident Evil Village VR Trailer Highlights Creepy Baby & New Mechanics

Resident Evil Village VR Trailer Highlights Creepy Baby & New Mechanics

Resident Evil Village‘s VR mode is PlayStation VR2’s marquee launch horror game, one Capcom has only revealed a bit of since its announcement. Its latest trailer is much more revealing, though, showing off more levels and mechanics both new and old.

It kicks off with the widely praised House Beneviento level and the monstrous baby that lurks around its halls. Its following scenes demonstrate some of its new systems afforded to it by the shift to VR. Players can now hold and aim the flashlight after grabbing it from their coat pocket, something that goes hand-in-hand with the game’s new dual-wielding ability. The map is also now a physical item players have to hold up, meaning they can no longer take refuge in the menus when looking where to go.

The inventory system also lets players not only move items around, but also enables them to place weapons at four different places on their body for easy access: the shoulder, coat pocket, back pocket, and leg holster. The knife is located on the upper part of the player’s left arm. There’s even a new shooting range where players can test their marksmanship. Melee attacks have also been upgraded since Ethan can now punch enemies, and knives are now throwable.

Smaller interactions that used to be automated have now been opened up to the player and made more interactive. Players can examine items by twisting them around in their hand, physically put keys in doors, play the piano, and open latches and briefcases.

The DLC is still free for existing Village owners and will drop on February 22 alongside PS VR2. There will also be a VR demo for those who don’t yet have the 2021 horror game.


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