Redfall Gameplay Looks Like Vampire Far Cry, Not Left 4 Dead

Vaas, the antagonist of Far Cry 3, with the cast of Redfall in the background

While Redfall and Left 4 Dead both let players mow down hordes of undead enemies together, Arkane’s upcoming title looks more like a bloody Far Cry.

Despite being a horror-themed four-player co-op shooter, Arkane Studios’ Redfall seems to draw much more from Far Cry than it does from Left 4 Dead. The upcoming vampire adventure will take players to the titular Massachusetts town of Redfall to fight back against a vampire coven’s hostile takeover. The premise of Redfall is similar to Valve’s beloved zombie survival series Left 4 Dead, but the title’s gameplay may prove to be much closer to a supernatural Far Cry.


Despite focusing on two different classic monsters, Redfall and Left 4 Dead are quite similar on the surface. Like Left 4 Dead, Redfall’s solo and co-op gameplay will let players work together to fight through hordes of deadly supernatural creatures. Both Left 4 Dead games let players choose between four post-apocalyptic survivors, with the cast ranging from the boisterous biker Francis to the wacky mechanic Ellis. Meanwhile, Redfall’s fearsome lineup of heroes includes the telepathic Layla and the supernatural sharpshooter Jacob. Both Left 4 Dead and Redfall also put distinct twists on zombies and vampires, respectively, through unique variants like L4D’s terrifying Witch and Redfall’s vigilant Watchers.

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Redfall & Left 4 Dead Have Little In Common

The original Left 4 Dead group

While Left 4 Dead and Redfall both let four players team up and mow down hordes of horror icons, Arkane Studios’ upcoming shooter is much more than a reskin of Valve’s co-op classic. While the Left 4 Dead games take players through various linear levels, Redfall will take place across an open-world environment. The game world is apparently very large, too, with one Redfall location being bigger than Prey and its memorable spaceship setting Talos I. Redfall will also boast various RPG mechanics, with each playable hero possessing their own unique powers and skills in contrast to the baseline abilities of L4D’s survivors.

Redfall Is Far Cry With Bloodsuckers

Far Cry 6 Resolver Vehicle Gameplay Header

In practice, Redfall appears to play more like Far Cry than it does Left 4 Dead. Each installment in Ubisoft’s first-person shooter series visits a new exotic location, with an open-world format giving players the freedom to explore the map at their leisure. Far Cry typically tasks players with completing missions and defeating enemies to slowly drive them out of the game world, a popular mechanic that will also be present in Redfall as players hunt down and defeat powerful vampire overlords. Redfall will also include stealthy vampire slaying as players use stealth tactics to overcome their bloodsucking foes, a strategy that is also encouraged in the Far Cry series.

By taking players on a cooperative first-person shooter adventure through a vampire-infested Massachusetts town, Redfall promises to stand out from previous Arkane Studios titles like Dishonored and Prey. Fighting to survive an undead onslaught alongside three friends naturally draws many comparisons to Left 4 Dead, but Redfall promises to stand on its own thanks to its open-world structure and RPG elements. By having players clear the map piece-by-piece with the help of stealth tactics and ingenuity, Redfall closely resembles a supernatural Far Cry. By embracing these unique strengths, Redfall can rise above other co-op shooters and prove itself as more than simply Left 4 Dead with fangs.

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    Original Release Date:

    Arkane Austin

    Open-World, Action, FPS, Adventure

    PC, Xbox Series X

    Bethesda Softworks


    Online Co-Op

    Unreal Engine 5

    Redfall is a first-person shooter/action co-op game from Arkane Austin, the developers behind Prey and Deathloop. Vampires roam the land, and in the town of Redfall, Massachusets, they’ve managed to find a way to block out the sun and keep the inhabitants trapped from the outside world. Alone or together with other survivors, players will battle against the creatures of the night and rid the town of vampires once and for all. The game allows players to pick from one of four unique survivors, each with extraordinary battle and support abilities, from magic to guns, to face off against the undead and the corrupted living.

    Legendary Edition Available:
    Bite Back Edition

    Single-Player, Multiplayer

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