Pushpa vs 83 : Why 83 Flop | Deeksha Sharma


Pushpa vs 83 : Why 83 Flop | Deeksha Sharma


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Pushpa vs 83 : Why 83 Flop & Pushpa is a Massive Blockbuster at Box Office Explained By Deeksha Sharma. 83 Movie Featuring Ranveer Singh box office Collection sums around 50 crore while Allu Arjun Pushpa Movie has crossed 200 crore Box Office Collection across India. With Spider Man No Way Home as strong opponent Indian Movies performance emerged out as a Big Shock for the Bollywood Film Industry. Hereby presenting total 8 reasons behind Why 83 is a Massive Flop & Pushpa all time Blockbuster. With Jersey, RRR postponed let me know your Reaction for 83 vs Pushpa in the Comments below.

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45 thoughts on “Pushpa vs 83 : Why 83 Flop | Deeksha Sharma

  1. 2010 : mai south movies ko stupid samjhta tha…

    2017 : pata chala ki mai hi stupid tha..😅

    Now for me south movies are turuu love..❤❤❤

  2. Allu arjun also a product of nepotism but still he work hard and proved that he deserve to be a super star .whole family of allu arjun leads Telugu film industry even it is become impossible to get role in films for a new comer

  3. Pushpa mae colour Tak bhi brown h jo dekhata hai south industry kitna pyar karti hai apne culture ko na ki Bollywood ki tarah jaha rang par comedy ki jaati hai ya fat par

  4. Bollywood meh acche story & msg wala movie shayad se hi aajkal banti hogi…bina story bina logic, sirf ek hero hoga ek villain hoga, hero police, lawyer jisko koi harm nai kar sakta… without any super power, yeh actors filmo meh super hero jese act karne lagte h… Bakwas hogya aajkal sab… South k movies aur Hollywood movies hi accha lagta h… ❤️ Kuch unique and new msg & story lekar ata h…

  5. Shershah..Mimi..and Sardar Udham! 🔥 This movies are literally so good bollywood have produced recently. So keep kalm and enjoy their clash. Every industries is good in their own ways,its just the movies which are bad.

  6. I think after of Sushant Singh Rajput's mysterious death Bollywood is doomed…. and talk of 3 Superhit films of Sushant Singh taken by Ranveer did not go down too well Bollywood… and all the drugs scandals and raids coming out… Sharukh's son getting caught in a raid and going to jail…Raj Shetty's porn scandal… All the drug chats of major stars being scrutinized by NCB and they being summoned…all this and the time available in Covid lockdown for people to reflect on all this has adversely affected the fortunes of the whole of Bollywood…

  7. Acting of all actors in pushpa 10/10 songs 10/10. It felt great to listen to original songs after bollywood's saga of remakes. But overall a decent movie. At times it felt a typical old south movie with over the top action scenes and a hero centric film with a small romance going on parallely.

  8. The SSR sir case just destroyed the whole bollywood industry earlier people used to love the bollywood starts but now all know there secrets and when we watch them on screen there image just destroys our perspective to watch movie

  9. Absolutely right without promotion
    Great job south indian industry
    Rajamouly himself a sucess of film why he come to hollywood for promoting and why he take aliya BHATT
    Tollywood no need to run after Bollywood
    Instead make a batchmark without Bollywood
    Great review now audience have change

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