Power Girl’s New Ability Gives Her A Strange New Role in DC’s Universe


After developing new psychic abilities, Power Girl is teaming up with former Teen Titan Omen to open a psychic therapy practice for superheroes.

Warning: SPOILERS for Action Comics #1051The DC Universe is entering a brand new era, and Power Girl’s new powers are giving her the weirdest role within the new status quo. With the development of new psychic abilities, Power Girl is teaming up with former Teen Titan Omen to open a psychic therapy practice for superheroes.

Power Girl and Omen team up and start a new therapeutic business in a back-up story from Action Comics #1051 by Leah Williams, Marguerite Sauvage, and Becca Carey. The story starts with the two new business partners meditating together, trying to help Power Girl focus and develop her powers. But more about their plans is revealed when Nightwing shows up at their door with a emotionally struggling Beast Boy.

Power Girl Enters Beat Boy's Psychic Space to Offer Him Hands on Therapy

Power Girl and Omen have agreed to open a therapeutic practice in which they both use their psychic abilities to help heroes heal from their trauma. In this instance, Omen guides Beast Boy from the physical world while Power Girl enters the hero’s psyche, trying to find the root of his emotional troubles.

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Power Girl’s New Abilities Are Giving Her an Exciting New Opportunity

Power Girl and Omen Sit Cross Legged Working on Power Girl's New Telepathic Powers

This Action Comics back-up story comes on the heels of Power Girl’s story in Lazarus Planet: Assault on Krypton #1 by the same team. After being seriously affected by the Lazarus rains, Power Girl runs into Omen, who, being telepathic herself, sense Power Girl’s completely new psychic powers. The Lazarus Planet event—DC’s first major crossover of 2023—and the new stories that launched in Action Comics #1051 are part of DC’s new storytelling initiative, “Dawn of DC.” Lazarus Planet may not have the official “Dawn of DC” branding, but it’s serving as a launching point for a number of new, refreshing stories about some of DC’s more “minor” characters, like Power Girl herself, just as the initiative promises.

Power Girl’s new psychic abilities—and the business she’s launching with Omen because of them—are an unexpected change for the character, but certainly not an unwelcome one. Power Girl has long questioned her place in the DC Universe, especially because of her complicated history. Only recently in One-Star Squadron, she was making a corporate power grab, and now she’s working as a psychic therapist. Though this character rarely stays in one metaphorical place for long, it’s that ever-changing nature that makes her a compelling character, especially as she struggles with her own uncertain sense of self.

Power Girl (with Omen’s help) is ultimately successful in healing Beast Boy’s psychic break. Who knows where this new therapeutic career path will lead her next; there’s no telling where Power Girl could end up in this new era of the DC Universe.

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Check out Action Comics #1051, available now from DC Comics!

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