PM Imran Khan 'thanks God' for not having to see dissident PTI MPs faces again

Prime Minister Imran Khan speaks during a dinner ceremony of government lawmakers at the PM House in Islamabad, on April 2, 2022. — YouTube/PTV
Prime Minister Imran Khan speaks during a dinner ceremony of government lawmakers at the PM House in Islamabad, on April 2, 2022. — YouTube/PTV

ISLAMABAD: I thank God that I do not have to see the faces of dissident PTI MPs again, Prime Minister Imran Khan said Saturday, as the National Assembly gets ready to vote on the no-confidence motion against him.

“Whenever they [dissident MPs] came to me before the budget, I would first take two tablets of disprin. Then they would ask me for several things,” PM Imran Khan told the government lawmakers during a dinner ceremony at the PM House, where according to sources, 140 lawmakers were present.

The prime minister applauded the members who “stood by his side, for the country and the future of their kids”, as he told them that “they will be remembered in history for not accepting bribes”.

The PTI effectively lost its majority in the 342-member National Assembly Wednesday when a coalition partner — MQM-P — said its seven lawmakers would vote for the Opposition alliance. Before them, several other allies and PTI MNAs had switched sides.

‘United States behind conspiracy’

Moving on, the prime minister the “United States” was not conspiring against him, but it was targetting Pakistan — “and the people are well-aware about it.”

“I will say this clearly that the United States is behind this conspiracy,” the prime minister said, adding that if the Opposition comes into power they will follow the directions of the “foreign powers”.

PM Imran Khan said he saw “shameless” people when he came into politics, who would not care if drone attacks kill Pakistanis because they will be busy with their “corrupt acts”.

The prime minister said it was unfortunate that parliamentarians had sold their “conscience” and decided to join hands with the Opposition to support a “foreign conspiracy”.

PM Imran Khan said such people wanted to enslave the nation to foreign powers. “But what they don’t know is that this is the era of social media and their photos are all over it.”

Citing the “threat letter” over which Pakistan registered a protest with the US, the prime minister said the memo mentioned that if his government was ousted, then Pakistan “will be forgiven”.

‘Change in Pakistan’

Lashing out at the Opposition, the premier accused it of trying to move the country towards political turmoil every three months since his government came into power.

“But a change has been witnessed in Pakistan. The results of local body elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have shown us where the nation is moving towards,” the premier said.

‘Don’t worry’

“I am observing your gestures and it seems that you are here to give me a farewell like this is our last dinner,” the prime minister said passing a quipping remark.

“Don’t worry until the last bowl is bowled; your captain might pull off something unusual.”

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