PlayStation Plus Extra & Premium February 2023 Lineups Include Horizon, Resident Evil

PlayStation Plus Extra & Premium February 2023 Lineups Include Horizon, Resident Evil

Even though the month is more than halfway over, Sony has finally revealed the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium lineups for February 2023. The month includes a ton of JRPGs, as well as games in the Resident Evil and Horizon franchises. These titles will be available starting February 21.

The PlayStation Plus Essential February 2023 lineup has been confirmed on the first day of the month. Subscribers will get…

Horizon Forbidden West is the most notable entry, as it only released about a year ago on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Sony doesn’t put its games on its services at launch like Xbox does for Game Pass, after all. This well-received action RPG is coming to the service just two months before its first big PS5-exclusive expansion titled Burning Shores.

The Quarry and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard are two horror title hitting Extra, giving users a narrative-focused experience and survival horror game, respectively. And while Sony notes that the PS4 and PS5 versions of The Quarry are included, only the PS4 version of Resident Evil 7 is listed. The 2017 entry in the long-running series received a native PS5 port in June 2022.

Tekken 7, Borderlands 3, and Outriders are three multiplayer games, albeit in three different genres. The full PlayStation Plus Extra February 2023 roster is as follows:

  • Horizon Forbidden West (PS4, PS5) 
  • The Quarry (PS4, PS5) 
  • Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (PS4)
  • Outriders (PS4, PS5) 
  • Scarlet Nexus (PS4, PS5) 
  • Borderlands 3 (PS4, PS5) 
  • Tekken 7 (PS4)
  • Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (PS4)
  • Earth Defense Force 5 (PS4) 
  • Oninaki (PS4)
  • Lost Sphear (PS4)
  • I am Setsuna (PS4)
  • The Forgotten City (PS4, PS5) 

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PlayStation Plus Premium February 2023 Lineup

The PlayStation Plus Premium lineup for the month has a trio of RPGs that were beloved on the original PlayStation. It’s unclear if they will have trophy support. Destroy All Humans, the lone non-PS1 game, is making its way to the service as well. However, this isn’t the 2020 remake and is just the re-released PS2 version that does have trophy support.

Sony also noted that some features in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature may not function properly because modern PlayStation hardware doesn’t support PS1 peripherals. Sony doesn’t specifically list out the differences, but it’s likely referring to the PocketStation, a memory card peripheral.

  • The Legend of Dragoon (PS1)
  • Wild Arms 2 (PS1)
  • Harvest Moon: Back to Nature (PS1)
  • Destroy All Humans (PS4)

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