Pandora Papers: Poisoned towns fight for justice

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ICIJ’s Pandora Papers investigation reveals that members of the founding family of Belgian chemical giant Solvay stashed millions offshore as the company’s plants faced accusations of contaminating water supplies in Northern Italy and New Jersey.


16 thoughts on “Pandora Papers: Poisoned cities battle for justice”
  1. this is stupid. now pretend its for justice, later this lack of secrecy will be used for control. we need secrecy, yall just dont realize.

  2. In Poland the ICIJ partner is a company that protects crooks. All these ‘papers’ are overly vague and in the wrong hands. Smells like a political setup.

  3. Those that knew this was going on, made money from destroying peoples families and lives, I hope karma treats them well.
    This is also a big reason why you should look into good drinking water filtration for your home, don't trust government/local water.

  4. sad thing is they want them to clean up, but they cannot clean up, its not like picking up trash and putting it to the bin

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