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Kelli and Judy recap the top moments of Episode 1609 of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team.

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Hundreds audition, but only a select group will secure spots in the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders training camp. DCC director Kelli Finglass and head choreographer Judy Trammell oversee the intense audition process and decide which hopefuls will make the team.


20 thoughts on “OVERTIME Ep. 1609 | Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Group”
  1. I 100% believe Alora-Rose never WANTED to be a DCC in the first place. She used it (as Julia wanted also) to utilize DCC as a stepping stone for her future career in dance. Shameful.

  2. on Alora-Rose, DCC seems to demand commitment and professionalism yetb thet are poorly compensated in comparison. its easy to understand why the rockettes would be attractive = fulltime dancing at fulltime salaries. DCC – lots of hours at low rates, especially if you dont make show group.I heard Randy, the DC mascot makes $70k a year. This seems a reasonable base salary for DCC. Considering theCowboys are approx worth $4bn, this is chump change!

  3. I support Alora Rose wanting to go back to NY. Dallas is a bore (I've lived in both cities) and the Rockette organization is far more elite. The majority of DCCs would never make it past the first round of Rockette auditions and I think Kelly needs to realize that and stop saying that is the toughest audition in the world. That just isn't true. What she did is no different than going on multiple job interviews and deciding between two offers. They act like it was the end of the world lol… I'm pretty sure they contacted the Rockettes as well and that's why she didn't make the team. She shouldn't have said anything to her teammates. That "sisterhood" is a joke and they snitched on her so quick. Let's not forget DCC had to be sued by one of their own due to the mistreatment of their dancers and underpaying them. I used to love the show but Kelly and Judy really need a reality check.

  4. CAN YOU GUYS FIX THE VIDEO AND RE-UPLOAD PLEASE? The title cards are all in the wrong place and the editing is sloppy my goodness

  5. Wait am i the only one who released when they were talking about brianna they used the board from last year editing in a veteran @7:13

  6. I’ve watched every season of the show since the beginning I am now 36 so when the first season came out it was 20 years old

  7. It's so great to hear Judy talk so much this season! And her hair…it always understands the assignment. Iconic Texas hair.

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