One Piece Reveals An Unexpected Traitor In The World Government

Sentomaru standing with two Pacifista in One Piece.

A classic villain returns in One Piece, but it looks like Sentomaru has betrayed the World Government as he joins Dr. Vegapunk and the Straw Hats.

Warning: SPOILERS for chapter #1068 of One Piece.

An old villain has returned in One Piece, but this time Sentomaru is no longer on the World Government‘s side. Despite only making a handful of appearances in the series, Sentomaru is one of the toughest opponents that the Straw Hat Pirates ever fought. However, it seems that his allegiances have shifted, and he is no longer an enemy of Luffy and his crew.

Sentomaru made his debut during the Sabaody Archipelago Arc as the commander of the Marines’ Special Science Group (SSG). He tried to capture the Straw Hat Pirates alongside admiral Kizaru (whom he calls ‘uncle’), leading a squad of Pacifista, the dangerous peace-keeping cyborgs created by the World Government using the body of Bartholomew Kuma. Sentomaru then appeared again during the Summit War and, finally, when the Straw Hats briefly returned to Sabaody after the two-year time skip. This second time, he was unable to fight against Luffy and his friends but witnessed their incredible growth and newfound strength, before they departed for the New World.


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Sentomaru was introduced as Dr. Vegapunk’s bodyguard but this happened fourteen years before the genius scientist made his actual debut in the manga. For this reason, their relationship is still not clear, besides the fact that they both belong to the Marines’ SSG. However, Vegapunk has recently had a fallout with the World Government due to his forbidden research into the history of the Great Kingdom. The assassins of CP0 have been dispatched to Vegapunk’s lab on Egghead Island to get rid of him. In chapter #1068 of One Piece, after the CP0 attack begins, Vegapunk orders the mobilization of his new cyborgs, the Seraphim Pacifista, and puts Sentomaru in charge of them, which proves that the bodyguard is ultimately loyal to Vegapunk and not to the Marines or the government.

Sentomaru’s Return Means That The Straw Hats Have Gained A New, Powerful Ally

Dr. Vegapunk mentions Sentomaru in chapter #1068 of One Piece.

The mention that Sentomaru will fight on Vegapunk’s side is a little surprising, as he was promoted to fully-fledged Marine Officer after the time skip. He was very loyal to the Marines and took his officer position very seriously, leading the Pacifista cyborgs into battle. However, the fact that he was promoted to officer later could mean that Sentomaru was not originally a Marine, so his first allegiance and loyalty go to Vegapunk. Regardless of that, Sentomaru is a very important character in the series, because, along with Kizaru, he was the first enemy that the Straw Hats could not compete with. The whole Sabaody Arc was meant to teach the Straw Hats about the power gap between the first and the second half of the Grand Line. As a symbol of that shocking moment, Sentomaru left a big impression on the fans.

It will be very interesting to learn the truth about Sentomaru and Vegapunk’s relationship. Considering that the scientist is joining the Straw Hats to escape from the World Government, if Sentomaru joins too, the crew will gain another very powerful member, something that they will surely need in the hard battles that they will face in the final, exciting part of One Piece​​​​​​.

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The latest chapter of One Piece is available through Viz Media.

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