One Piece Confirms The Seraphim Are Even Stronger Than You Think


One Piece’s Seraphim have finally proved why they are the World Government’s ultimate weapon- they have the ability to think for themselves.

Warning: SPOILERS for chapter #1072 of One Piece

In the world of One Piece, the Seraphim are a force to be reckoned with. These artificial clones of the former Warlords of the Seven Seas have been touted as the World Government’s ultimate weapons for good reason. Not only do they possess the abilities of Devil Fruits and the DNA of the legendary Lunarians, but they also have the ability to think for themselves.

This revelation, which was confirmed in chapter 1072 of the series, has sent shockwaves throughout the One Piece fanbase, as it sheds new light on the true power of these mysterious beings. The Seraphim were first introduced as a new type of weapon for the World Government to use against their enemies, supposedly so powerful that the Seven Warlords were no longer considered necessary as allies. These weapons were created by Dr. Vegapunk, the world’s leading scientist and inventor, as a way to harness the power of the Devil Fruits and the DNA of the Lunarians, who are known for their incredible strength and mysterious abilities. As far as power goes, the Seraphim also possess all the abilities of the Warlords, such as the ability to use Haki, as well as the powers of various Devil Fruits from former or current prisoners of the World Government.


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One Piece’s Seraphim Are Much More Powerful Than the Pacifistas


Their ability to think and make decisions on their own sets them apart from the fully mechanical Pacifistas. This means that the Seraphim are even stronger than anyone previously imagined. The ability to think for themselves is a significant advantage for the Seraphim in battle. It means that they can adapt to changes in combat, setting, and strategy, which makes them incredibly difficult to defeat. This is in stark contrast to the Pacifistas, which are more in line with classic automatons and cannot think for themselves, meaning they are unable to adapt to changes in combat outside of following direct orders and are far more predictable in their actions. At this point, the Seraphim seem to far outshine any other weapon at the World Government’s disposal, but this may come to hurt them in the long run…

One Piece’s Seraphim Can Turn on Their Masters

One Piece Seraphim Free Will

The Seraphim’s ability to think for themselves also means that they are not easily subdued. This is a major concern for One Piece’s World Government, as it means that the Seraphim may turn on their masters when the time comes for the final war to take place. The World Government’s ultimate weapon may become their downfall, as it has been implied several times throughout One Piece that the free will of beings cannot be easily subdued. The Seraphim’s ability to think for themselves also raises ethical questions about the use of artificial intelligence in warfare. Is it right to create beings with the ability to think and make decisions, and then use them as weapons? This is a question that is yet to be explored in the series, but it adds to the sci-fi nuance currently developing within the One Piece world.

In conclusion, the revelation that the Seraphim are capable of thinking and making decisions on their own has solidified their place as the World Government’s strongest asset. This means that the Seraphim are much stronger than anyone initially thought. Beyond that, this premise also raises the ethical implications of using artificial intelligence in warfare. One Piece never fails to surprise its fans with its intricate plot and thought-provoking themes, and the Seraphim are no exception.

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