Olivia Kaiser Admits She Thought She Might Die On The Challenge

Olivia Kaiser on Love Island USA season 3

Olivia Kaiser opens up about her time on The Challenge, admitting she could have lost her life because of the injuries she received while competing.

Olivia Kaiser believed she almost died due to her injuries from competing on The Challenge. Olivia had to be hospitalized for two nights due to two black eyes and a broken nose. She joined the show for The Challenge: Ride Or Dies with her partner Horacio Gutiérrez Jr. Before participating on The Challenge, Olivia is mainly known for her time starring in Love Island USA season 3.

Olivia discussed her injuries with Variety before a recent episode of The Challenge aired, admitting that she thought she was going to die. She revealed that the first injury occurred when she ripped “the top of my finger off” due to her finger getting caught on the carabiner for a bola-throwing competition. Even though the injury was a setback, the Challenge contestant continued to move forward in the competition with Horacio. However, due to her injury, she slipped, and the bola hit her in the face. Olivia said she believed her “teeth were knocked out” and that she remembered “popping my nose back a bit into place.”


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Olivia Kaiser Considers Herself ‘Lucky’ On The Challenge

Split image showing Olivia Kaiser and Horacio Gutierrez in The Challenge Ride or Dies

Furthering her explanation on the incident that occurred on The Challenge, Olivia believed she had brain swelling due to the impact of the hit. She stated that “people die all the time” because of blunt force trauma to the head. Since the bola did not make contact with her eye, she considered herself “lucky” because it “would have [gone] right behind my eyeball.” The incident led the former Love Island star to be rushed to the hospital. Due to how severe the injuries were, both Olivia and Horacio were forced to leave The Challenge.

It seems as though Olivia is doing well ever since being injured while participating on The Challenge. Needless to say, she appears to be extremely grateful it was not worse, especially since it could have been. As for right now, Olivia’s face is still in the recovery process but seems to be healing well. Hopefully, she will be able to recover from these incidents soon and be given another chance on The Challenge later down the road.

The Challenge is already known for being difficult and to push people to their limits, further shown by Olivia’s injuries. Thankfully, she is doing better and can discuss the situation from her perspective so The Challenge fans receive a better understanding of what happened. After the episode aired, it makes sense that there was a lot of concern about her medical state. On top of that, Olivia was also surrounded by an immense amount of support on how well she handled herself on The Challenge despite her injuries.

The Challenge airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.

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Sources: Variety, Olivia Kaiser/Instagram

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